Thursday, January 19, 2006

AquaCool Has Moved...

I would like to officially announce that AquaCool has happily moved to the following address:

Jump over there and update your links :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Freedom Clothing Project T-Shirts

The extremely modest Joe Turner of Freedom Clothing Project has kindly showed me a new design of his project T-shirts.
I had this itch to share it with you all, aren't they just beautiful!

COPYRIGHT OF Basel Almisshal

So expressive, so brave, so meaningful, so elegant and convey a message in a simple classy way...

The designs were especially made for the Freedom Clothing Project
by the very talented Palestinian designer Basel Almisshal, who retains copyright, so please make sure to contact him if you wish to use his designs.

The Design comes in different sizes and are more than affordable, don't miss the chance!

The project idea by itself fascinated me, and now witnessing its results I must admit I'm out of words...

Again my thanks to Joe Turner for his efforts, wishing him the best of luck and all the support in his project.

Read more about the project here.


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  • Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Eid Adha Mubarak

    Wishing all Muslims around the world a happy and blessed Eid Al Adha.

    [Card Source:Sunna Info]

    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    Freedom Clothing Project: Dressing for a better world

    With the economic situation worsening in Palestine every passing day, and unemployment increasing like never before, one can’t but feel this urge to help Palestinians, offer them employment opportunities, and revive their name in a world that has almost forgotten their existence.

    Finally, the dream is coming true, now for the first time ever: t-shirts with a ‘Made in the West Bank and Gaza’ label will be available for purchase.
    All the thanks to the Freedom Clothing Project, a not-for-profit co-operative working with suppliers in Beit Jala in the occupied West Bank.
    The aim of the project is to bring work to some of the estimated 500 clothing manufacturers in the area and to assist them find new markets for their products.

    Freedom Clothing Project uses organic cotton, and provides healthy & environment-friendly working conditions.
    But that’s not all: for every item purchased from Freedom Clothing Project, they will donate a minimum of 10 percent of the money they make to a “charity pot.”

    I’m so thrilled!

    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    Huda T.V. … A Light In Every Home

    Huda T.V. is a relatively new Islamic channel. It’s actually one of my favourites because of its clarity in explaining Islam, the true Islam that the Holy Quran and The Prophet (pbuh) carried all the way long… not the ugly version some extremists try to spread.
    Another reason why I love that channel is the fact that it’s a 100% English speaking channel, which will guarantee that Muslims all around the world regardless of their nationality, will be able to learn more about their religion. Not only that, but it will also help English speaking non-Muslims know our religion the right way and show them what Islam is all about.

    Another thing that makes this channel very special is that the contributors are not only Arabs but also non-Arabs. Some are born Muslims, some have converted to Islam since a long period of time, some are extremely new Muslims. So you get the chance to see Islam from different Angles and to see its culture through different visions.

    The channel talks about different aspects of Islam: its basics, its rules, its connection to our every day life, its relation to other religions, and many other topics.
    The channel shows a variety of excellent and informative programmes, which reflect the simplicity of Islam and its great spirit.

    I encourage you all to check it out, below is the frequency of the channel:
    Satellite Nilesat
    Frequency 11747
    Polarization Vertical
    Symbol Rate 27500
    FEC 3/4

  • Greetings to Huda TV