Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wanna Talk religion?!

“A few public girls’ schools in Jeddah submitted requests to have gymnasiums built, but their hopes for introducing physical education classes were dashed after the Ministry of Education announced that physical education for girls would not be allowed.
the Ministry of Education stated that it “would not introduce physical education in girls’ schools” and requested that the media “respect religious, literary and national responsibility” in this regard.
Source: Arab News

With all my respect to the Saudi Ministry of Education, but, really, till when are they going to handle people as fools!
Why does it always have to be in the name of religion?! Please explain to me in what way did Islam ever prohibit females from practicing sports?!
Just tell me what “religious, literary and national responsibility” are they talking about?!
Since when has taking responsibility meant forbidding and ignoring!

When are they going to have the courage to admit that they’re using religion to apply rules they –personally- believe are the best!
Didn’t Islam call for the equality of women and men? Didn’t Islam urge parents to educate their children of both sexes equally!!

What religious responsibility are you talking about for God’s sake?! Does that mean that all other Muslim countries that proudly give women the right to physical education do not respect their religion?!! Come On!!

Saudi women are like any other women in the world, they’re smart, creative and ambitious, and why are you forcing them to give up their rights, why are you deleting their role in society?!!

This is irresponsible and totally unfair.