Thursday, December 08, 2005

From London...

As many already know through my husband's blog, we are now in London for a quick visit.

How do I feel? out of this world, and well, very weird at the same time.
Being in London, to me, is not like being anywhere else in this world. It's hard to explain, but London and I have many sweet memories together. I've been to London more than 3 times, and in our family album, you'll find most of our pics taken somewhere in London.
My parents lived a couple of years in London when my father was having his higher education, and then we always came back; either for tourism, or for dad's work conferences or for medical treatment.
So basically, every corner I go reminds me of a part of my past, reminds me of someone I love so much, reminds of an incident that puts a smile on my face...

Walking down the elegant streets of London, with the cold winds tickling my face, I can't but remember mom's favorite shopping centers,dad's favorite hangouts, my big sister's favorite clothing labels, my big brother's favorite restaurants, my little sister's favorite parks, and my little brother's favorite arcade places!

London has never been a strange place to me, and the more I visit it, the more I feel it being a part of life I cherish so much, and I can tell you, my husband fell in love with London too :)

This whole trip was so unexpected for me, I knew my husband was going, but thank God, things worked very well and I was lucky enough to accompany him.
It has been really weird, we had to pack in a short while, we flew 2 different flights on 2 different airlines, but the most important thing is that we're together and trying to make the best out of our time here, despite the freezing nights :)

London has changed a lot, to the better as usual, a lovely place with lovely people! I just LOVE London.
My husband and I were hoping that our visit will help us relax a bit, but we're more tired than ever, walking like crazy, wanting to go everywhere, not willing to miss anything in our rather short stay... ah!
Actually, right now, right as I'm posting this, my whole body, especially my feet are hurting like hell, but it's totally worth it :)

So if you happen to spot a couple in the crowd, dragging their tired legs from one side of the street to the other, with funny hair, red noses, black circles around their eyes, looking for the closest cafe... it's most probably you've just seen us :D