Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wanna Talk religion?!

“A few public girls’ schools in Jeddah submitted requests to have gymnasiums built, but their hopes for introducing physical education classes were dashed after the Ministry of Education announced that physical education for girls would not be allowed.
the Ministry of Education stated that it “would not introduce physical education in girls’ schools” and requested that the media “respect religious, literary and national responsibility” in this regard.
Source: Arab News

With all my respect to the Saudi Ministry of Education, but, really, till when are they going to handle people as fools!
Why does it always have to be in the name of religion?! Please explain to me in what way did Islam ever prohibit females from practicing sports?!
Just tell me what “religious, literary and national responsibility” are they talking about?!
Since when has taking responsibility meant forbidding and ignoring!

When are they going to have the courage to admit that they’re using religion to apply rules they –personally- believe are the best!
Didn’t Islam call for the equality of women and men? Didn’t Islam urge parents to educate their children of both sexes equally!!

What religious responsibility are you talking about for God’s sake?! Does that mean that all other Muslim countries that proudly give women the right to physical education do not respect their religion?!! Come On!!

Saudi women are like any other women in the world, they’re smart, creative and ambitious, and why are you forcing them to give up their rights, why are you deleting their role in society?!!

This is irresponsible and totally unfair.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jordanian Products In Harrods

"A recent display of Jordan River Foundation (JRF) products at a London landmark is one example of how the organisation, which turned 10 this year, is going global.

A 50 sq.m. section of Harrods department store's floor space was lent to JRF from November through January to market the foundation's home accessories, which are made by rural community groups in the Kingdom.

“It's not just the work we are proud of. We are proud of the actual impact that these women will be gaining by having their products sold on an international level. They will have exposure, new marketing channels. It will create more job opportunities,” she added.

The global market, JRF hopes, will also increase the women's skills and expertise to provide quality products for department stores and boutiques.
JRF hopes to start a broader international marketing campaign in 2006, primarily in the UK, France and US".

Source: The Jordan Times

Now this is what I call a great step forward :)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Work Diaries (27): Talk about “deadlines”!

So I took 5 workdays off to be able to go to London... from Monday to Friday.
When I came back, first thing I did was check my emails, and what do I find?
I find an email from my boss, who approved my days off request, and signed it as well...

Subject: FWD: URGENT!
Can you please take care of the below query, I have no time at all. Please pay attention to the deadline!

(My Boss’s name)

-----Original Message----
From: *********
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 8:00 AM
To: (My Boss’ name)
Subject: URGENT!
Importance: High

Good morning,

Please, I need you to send me the --------------------------.
Please consider this a HIGHLY URGENT query.
I expect your feedback by the end of TODAY.


Zizou On TV

This is just a quick post dedicated to our dear friend Zizou, a fellow blogger from Tunisia who's currently living in Lebanon.

Today we saw him -for the second time- in the Future Arab Super Star.

We truly are happy to see you, hope you'll keep appearing there... and well, we all send you our best wishes.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Echoes from London…

So we got back from London on Sunday, and I must say, I’ll always remember this visit.

Besides awakening all the sweet memories I mentioned in my last post, this visit enabled me to meet many people. Few I know, and MANY I don’t. All were gathered for one reason: The Global Voices 2005 Summit. A summit for bloggers who contribute to the Global Voices, bloggers from all around the world, writing about their countries, and informing us about the hot topics bloggers from their countries are discussing.

The summit took place on Saturday, but there was a pre-summit dinner, which turned out to be a lovely one. The very first ones I met were Rebecca and Ethan, whom I’ve already met earlier, and Haitham, the blogger I always feel is my third brother… God only knows how much my husband and I were wishing to meet Haitham, and finally we did! As expected, he turned out to be so nice, so easy going, and simply great to be around! He has a lovely sense of humour as well. It didn’t feel like the first time we meet at all! It was really wonderful meeting him!
Afterwards we met the sweet Roba, and although it was only the 2nd time we meet, but I felt like we’re old friends. I’m so glad that we had the chance to talk and have fun. We spent the day of the summit together, and I have to say, it was so so great.

It’s really hard to go on and list all bloggers I met, because they are a lot, but all I can say is it was very exciting, well-organized, great place –thanks to Reuters- and the discussions were also very interesting, whether on the dinner before the summit, or during the summit itself.
We discussed many things, from the blogging phenomena in the regions represented on Global Voices to personal ambitions, to planning, translation, topics… and many many things.

After the summit we (my husband, Roba, and I) met the extremely nice Mariam, and I’ve got to say I was shocked, she looks so different than the pic I know on her blog :) As her blog, Mariam is a very nice, impressive person. Loved her way of thinking and enjoyed her company to the extreme.
She was so welcoming, and took us on a little tour around places we didn’t go to in London.
I have to admit, I felt a bit weird around Mariam, Roba and my husband, lol, they are Harry Potter fans, I’m not that much of a fan; they’re in love with Lord of The Rings, I’m not; they’re all book worms, I’m not… they all have R in their names and I don‎’t :D
We ate, gossiped a bit ;), we also discussed many issues, we disagreed and agreed on many things, it was so friendly and open-minded all the way long, so we enjoyed our time together and it sure was one hell of a night!

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  • Thursday, December 08, 2005

    From London...

    As many already know through my husband's blog, we are now in London for a quick visit.

    How do I feel? out of this world, and well, very weird at the same time.
    Being in London, to me, is not like being anywhere else in this world. It's hard to explain, but London and I have many sweet memories together. I've been to London more than 3 times, and in our family album, you'll find most of our pics taken somewhere in London.
    My parents lived a couple of years in London when my father was having his higher education, and then we always came back; either for tourism, or for dad's work conferences or for medical treatment.
    So basically, every corner I go reminds me of a part of my past, reminds me of someone I love so much, reminds of an incident that puts a smile on my face...

    Walking down the elegant streets of London, with the cold winds tickling my face, I can't but remember mom's favorite shopping centers,dad's favorite hangouts, my big sister's favorite clothing labels, my big brother's favorite restaurants, my little sister's favorite parks, and my little brother's favorite arcade places!

    London has never been a strange place to me, and the more I visit it, the more I feel it being a part of life I cherish so much, and I can tell you, my husband fell in love with London too :)

    This whole trip was so unexpected for me, I knew my husband was going, but thank God, things worked very well and I was lucky enough to accompany him.
    It has been really weird, we had to pack in a short while, we flew 2 different flights on 2 different airlines, but the most important thing is that we're together and trying to make the best out of our time here, despite the freezing nights :)

    London has changed a lot, to the better as usual, a lovely place with lovely people! I just LOVE London.
    My husband and I were hoping that our visit will help us relax a bit, but we're more tired than ever, walking like crazy, wanting to go everywhere, not willing to miss anything in our rather short stay... ah!
    Actually, right now, right as I'm posting this, my whole body, especially my feet are hurting like hell, but it's totally worth it :)

    So if you happen to spot a couple in the crowd, dragging their tired legs from one side of the street to the other, with funny hair, red noses, black circles around their eyes, looking for the closest cafe... it's most probably you've just seen us :D