Thursday, November 24, 2005

WSIS Feedback (2): Jordan’s Participation

I thought we’d have the time to look around the exposition hall as much as we like, but taking part in activities and conferences during the summit left us only little time to visit all stands.
Every time I’d reach Jordan’s pavilion it’d be already too late and they’ve packed their stuff to leave. So I didn’t really have the chance to talk to them and get brochures and all, but I insisted to at least take a pic of their stand and some of their representatives for you guys to see.
This is the Jordanian stand just before they left, that’s why it’s somehow empty.

Participating were: Talal Abu- Ghazaleh Organization, Injaz, and Jordan’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (hope I didn’t miss anyone else)
This is me with some of their representatives:

It’s to be noted that Jordan Youth was present in WSIS as well. They weren’t included in the Jordanian stand though, because their participation was through WSIS Youth Caucus. The group of Jordan Youth was active, I was able to listen to some of their speeches, and they were really impressive :)
I also met Samer Younis, the President of the project, and who happens to be an old friend of my husband.
Very nice guy, very energetic and extremely friendly. I really enjoyed meeting him and his team. Below is a pic of him and my husband in a dinner gathering hosted by the British Council.

This is all what my time enabled me to find out about Jordan’s participation in WSIS Tunis.
If anyone has information about other participants from Jordan, please feel free to share :)