Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Terrorism Hits Amman!

3 horrible explosions took place about an hour ago in Amman, in 3 hotels: Radisson Sas, Grand Hyatt Amman, and Days Inn… one of them targeted a wedding!
The explosions were caused by suicide bombers!
What the hell is wrong with those stupid people! First Aqaba and now Amman, plot after plot, terrorist act after terrorist act, WHY? WHO IS PAYING THE PRICE?
I really don’t understand, such sick minds waste their time planning such a destructive act, waste so much money just to destroy, and waste their powers in knocking down communities they live within! They waste their lives brainwashing generations, and the brainwashed explode themselves with pride and satisfaction! Not for a second does it even cross their minds that they’re doing nothing but spread fear, destroy tranquility, and cross out stability and peace from countries they belong to, countries that give them shelter!

The victims are innocent civilians who did nothing wrong in their life to deserve to die this awful way! People whose fault is to get a job and work for a living rather than kill and destroy!

You terrorist shit heads, you bastards, if you’re not happy with your lives and not mature and good enough to convey your messages peacefully to make a positive change, if you can’t live in peace, go ahead and kill yourselves without harming others you cowards, why take the lives of others? BURN IN HELL YOU MORONS!

Till now, results show 32 have been killed, more than 200 are badly injured! All Amman’s exists and entrances are now closed, and the international line to Jordan is not reachable :(

Tomorrow and on Friday, Jodanians are going out in marches against terrorism…

May God burn each and everyone who kills innocent people, and may God be by the side of the families of the ones who were killed…