Monday, November 21, 2005

Art VS Terrorism: “Erasing The Black Day”

More than 15 Jordanian artists will join forces on Nov. 23 in a memorial exhibition entitled “Erasing the Black Day,” to showcase their rejection and condemnation of the recent terrorist attacks in the Kingdom.

“Erasing the Black Day is a gesture for our beloved country and shows the clear solidarity of Jordanian artists against terrorist attacks, which in return reflects the rejection and condemnation of all Jordanians for such attacks…We call on all citizens to join us at this national exhibition to further prove that we are united” said Lama Hourani, of Foresight Art Centre, which organised the exhibition in collaboration with the artists and supporting organisations.

Artists will paint on black fabric with white paint, and black lights in the gallery will make the drawings glow in the dark. Visitors are asked to wear dark clothes because of the lighting.

The artists participating in the exhibition are Ali Maher, Dodi Tabbaa, Emad Hajjaj, Farouq Lambaz, Ghada Dahdaleh, Hazem Zu'bi, Hilda Hiyari, Jihad Al Ameri, Khalid Khreis, Maha Qawar, Mohammad Al Ameri, Rafiq Lahham, Rajwa Ali, Samah Hijjawi, Samer Tabbaa, Suhad Khatib and Shireen Odeh.
The exhibition will run until Dec. 8.
Source: Jordan Times

So to everyone in Jordan: put on something dark and go join them!