Monday, November 21, 2005

8th Tunisian Bloggers Meetup

So last Friday was the 8th Tunisian Bloggers Meetup. What made this meetup particularly special was the presence of Rebecca, Jeff , Mite Nishio, and Isam.

The lovely Rebecca; a very smart, friendly and impressive lady, full of ideas that if implemented, will make a revolution in the blogosphere, specifically the Arabic one!
One of her ideas was creating something like “Arabic Voices” for example, where Arab blogs are connected, getting more exposure and reaching more readers. I found it extremely impressive.

Jeff, a pioneer Malaysian blogger, very interesting, you can listen to him forever. He had his share of suffering to keep his blog going, and by checking his blog you can know he’s doing a great job :)
He tackled a very sensitive issue, which is the situation in which bloggers find themselves stuck between their beliefs, and the limitation imposed on them, often leaving the blogger lost and drawn to contradictions.

Mite Nishio, from the Dominican republic, a generous, friendly and extremely nice person. He also has a great sense of humour. One of the leaders in information society in his country. Talking to him, you can’t but wish to know more about his culture, and feel this itch to get on the plane with him and see the Dominican Republic.
He was so nice, he brought every single blogger present at the meetup a souvenir from his country. It was so sweet of him.

Isam, a Jordanian blogger, and founder of Jordan Planet. We met back in Jordan, and it was really great meeting him in Tunis as well. He talked about the Jordanian blogosphere and the exposure it got after the terrorist attacks. He also pointed out the huge requests he’s getting from bloggers to join the planet.
He was so nice to bring us “Mourning our Innocent” book marks…

Last but not least, the Tunisian bloggers who were present helped make this meetup a success. Despite the fact that most of them are francophone, they still were able to communicate with the guest bloggers, and tried their best to talk in English. They all did a wonderful job indeed.
The Tunisian bloggers present were: Evil Drako, Blogeuse, Adib, Tom, Mouse Hunter, Infinity, Jaz in the city, and of course MMM and me :)

Other than that, the restaurant was exceptionally beautiful that day, the food was fantastic, and the whole atmosphere was a warm cosy one that made us all enjoy our evening.

I would also like to note that I had the chance to meet Ethan the day before the meetup. I didn’t spend a lot of time with him, but from our quick chat, I can say he’s such a great person, so nice to talk to, very concerned about others, and very very helpful.
We were hoping he could join us, but he had to leave Tunis earlier.

I’m so glad I met them all, and hope we’ll meet each other more often.

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