Thursday, November 24, 2005

7 Things...

My dear friend Eve tagged me a while ago and finally I’m posting it.

7 Things I plan to do:
• Quit my job and find a better one.
• Start planning for my charity project.
• Contact my family and friends more often.
• Put on weight.
• Get a haircut.
• Read more books.
• Maintain a healthier lifestyle.

7 Things I can do:
• Find the bright side of everything.
• Draw people’s attention.
• Be horribly stubborn, once I put my mind to doing something, it has to be done.
• Be extremely comfortable around new people.
• Rely on the calculator for the easiest and simplest calculations.
• Sense the real feelings of others towards me.
• Be always late ;)

7 Things I can’t do:
• Remember names of faces I met but didn’t talk to at all.
• Forget even the tiniest details of experiences I went through.
• Hurt someone’s feelings.
• Stand hypocrites.
• Get over my nervousness.
• Eat raw meat (beef/chicken/fish).
• Get enough rest.

7 Things I say most often:
• Ya Allah! (i.e. “Oh God!”)
• Ma2sah (i.e. “disaster”)
• Mish ma32oul (i.e. “unbelievable”)
• Meet malyon marra (i.e. “100 million times” I use it for exaggeration when I’m in bad mood)
• Ya 7aram (i.e. “poor thing”)
• Exactly!
• Yeeeeeeeeeey 3aleena! (also no good explanation, just use it when angry, or in a bad mood)

I'm tagging MMM, Evil Drako, and Nuralhuda