Thursday, November 24, 2005

WSIS Feedback (2): Jordan’s Participation

I thought we’d have the time to look around the exposition hall as much as we like, but taking part in activities and conferences during the summit left us only little time to visit all stands.
Every time I’d reach Jordan’s pavilion it’d be already too late and they’ve packed their stuff to leave. So I didn’t really have the chance to talk to them and get brochures and all, but I insisted to at least take a pic of their stand and some of their representatives for you guys to see.
This is the Jordanian stand just before they left, that’s why it’s somehow empty.

Participating were: Talal Abu- Ghazaleh Organization, Injaz, and Jordan’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (hope I didn’t miss anyone else)
This is me with some of their representatives:

It’s to be noted that Jordan Youth was present in WSIS as well. They weren’t included in the Jordanian stand though, because their participation was through WSIS Youth Caucus. The group of Jordan Youth was active, I was able to listen to some of their speeches, and they were really impressive :)
I also met Samer Younis, the President of the project, and who happens to be an old friend of my husband.
Very nice guy, very energetic and extremely friendly. I really enjoyed meeting him and his team. Below is a pic of him and my husband in a dinner gathering hosted by the British Council.

This is all what my time enabled me to find out about Jordan’s participation in WSIS Tunis.
If anyone has information about other participants from Jordan, please feel free to share :)

7 Things...

My dear friend Eve tagged me a while ago and finally I’m posting it.

7 Things I plan to do:
• Quit my job and find a better one.
• Start planning for my charity project.
• Contact my family and friends more often.
• Put on weight.
• Get a haircut.
• Read more books.
• Maintain a healthier lifestyle.

7 Things I can do:
• Find the bright side of everything.
• Draw people’s attention.
• Be horribly stubborn, once I put my mind to doing something, it has to be done.
• Be extremely comfortable around new people.
• Rely on the calculator for the easiest and simplest calculations.
• Sense the real feelings of others towards me.
• Be always late ;)

7 Things I can’t do:
• Remember names of faces I met but didn’t talk to at all.
• Forget even the tiniest details of experiences I went through.
• Hurt someone’s feelings.
• Stand hypocrites.
• Get over my nervousness.
• Eat raw meat (beef/chicken/fish).
• Get enough rest.

7 Things I say most often:
• Ya Allah! (i.e. “Oh God!”)
• Ma2sah (i.e. “disaster”)
• Mish ma32oul (i.e. “unbelievable”)
• Meet malyon marra (i.e. “100 million times” I use it for exaggeration when I’m in bad mood)
• Ya 7aram (i.e. “poor thing”)
• Exactly!
• Yeeeeeeeeeey 3aleena! (also no good explanation, just use it when angry, or in a bad mood)

I'm tagging MMM, Evil Drako, and Nuralhuda

Monday, November 21, 2005

Art VS Terrorism: “Erasing The Black Day”

More than 15 Jordanian artists will join forces on Nov. 23 in a memorial exhibition entitled “Erasing the Black Day,” to showcase their rejection and condemnation of the recent terrorist attacks in the Kingdom.

“Erasing the Black Day is a gesture for our beloved country and shows the clear solidarity of Jordanian artists against terrorist attacks, which in return reflects the rejection and condemnation of all Jordanians for such attacks…We call on all citizens to join us at this national exhibition to further prove that we are united” said Lama Hourani, of Foresight Art Centre, which organised the exhibition in collaboration with the artists and supporting organisations.

Artists will paint on black fabric with white paint, and black lights in the gallery will make the drawings glow in the dark. Visitors are asked to wear dark clothes because of the lighting.

The artists participating in the exhibition are Ali Maher, Dodi Tabbaa, Emad Hajjaj, Farouq Lambaz, Ghada Dahdaleh, Hazem Zu'bi, Hilda Hiyari, Jihad Al Ameri, Khalid Khreis, Maha Qawar, Mohammad Al Ameri, Rafiq Lahham, Rajwa Ali, Samah Hijjawi, Samer Tabbaa, Suhad Khatib and Shireen Odeh.
The exhibition will run until Dec. 8.
Source: Jordan Times

So to everyone in Jordan: put on something dark and go join them!

8th Tunisian Bloggers Meetup

So last Friday was the 8th Tunisian Bloggers Meetup. What made this meetup particularly special was the presence of Rebecca, Jeff , Mite Nishio, and Isam.

The lovely Rebecca; a very smart, friendly and impressive lady, full of ideas that if implemented, will make a revolution in the blogosphere, specifically the Arabic one!
One of her ideas was creating something like “Arabic Voices” for example, where Arab blogs are connected, getting more exposure and reaching more readers. I found it extremely impressive.

Jeff, a pioneer Malaysian blogger, very interesting, you can listen to him forever. He had his share of suffering to keep his blog going, and by checking his blog you can know he’s doing a great job :)
He tackled a very sensitive issue, which is the situation in which bloggers find themselves stuck between their beliefs, and the limitation imposed on them, often leaving the blogger lost and drawn to contradictions.

Mite Nishio, from the Dominican republic, a generous, friendly and extremely nice person. He also has a great sense of humour. One of the leaders in information society in his country. Talking to him, you can’t but wish to know more about his culture, and feel this itch to get on the plane with him and see the Dominican Republic.
He was so nice, he brought every single blogger present at the meetup a souvenir from his country. It was so sweet of him.

Isam, a Jordanian blogger, and founder of Jordan Planet. We met back in Jordan, and it was really great meeting him in Tunis as well. He talked about the Jordanian blogosphere and the exposure it got after the terrorist attacks. He also pointed out the huge requests he’s getting from bloggers to join the planet.
He was so nice to bring us “Mourning our Innocent” book marks…

Last but not least, the Tunisian bloggers who were present helped make this meetup a success. Despite the fact that most of them are francophone, they still were able to communicate with the guest bloggers, and tried their best to talk in English. They all did a wonderful job indeed.
The Tunisian bloggers present were: Evil Drako, Blogeuse, Adib, Tom, Mouse Hunter, Infinity, Jaz in the city, and of course MMM and me :)

Other than that, the restaurant was exceptionally beautiful that day, the food was fantastic, and the whole atmosphere was a warm cosy one that made us all enjoy our evening.

I would also like to note that I had the chance to meet Ethan the day before the meetup. I didn’t spend a lot of time with him, but from our quick chat, I can say he’s such a great person, so nice to talk to, very concerned about others, and very very helpful.
We were hoping he could join us, but he had to leave Tunis earlier.

I’m so glad I met them all, and hope we’ll meet each other more often.

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    More photos HERE

    Sunday, November 20, 2005


    Tomorrow Zaven will be hosting a special episode in Amman about the terrorist attacks that took place November 9th. The episode will include an interview with Ashraf and Nadia, the newly-weds whose wedding turned into a terrible massacre...

    Zaven’s program: Sireh Wenfatahit will be aired live on Future Satellite Channel tomorrow at 8 p.m. GMT, rerun is on Tuesday at 11 a.m. GMT.
    Don’t miss it!

    Saturday, November 19, 2005

    WSIS Feedback (1)

    Where do I start!
    I have so many things I’d love to share you with, but they can’t be said all at once, so I guess I’ll be posting about this experience bit by bit.
    Let me start by how I actually got to the summit! As I mentioned in my last post, I was selected by the British Council in Tunis to represent Jordan in the summit. Their participation was through their initiative: “Reach Out”, which is basically a dialogue between UK and Arab youth that aims at connecting both the western and Arabic culture, in an attempt to break stereotypes, spread awareness, and work together to make a difference. The event is organized by the British Council and CholertonShand, in partnership with the WSIS Youth Caucus.

    “Reach Out” started with an online forum, in which many interesting discussions took place. Based on the issues of these discussions, the supervisors of “Reach Out” highlighted the topics to be elaborately discussed during the summit in “Reach Out’s” second stage: Café Informatique Internationale, which is a video conference between “Reach Out’s” participants in Tunis and Oxford University students, following the arrival of Arab participants to Tunis.
    The video conference was a tremendous success. It was stunning to find out how similar the issues of interest are in both sides! They were very open-minded, understanding, concerned and eager to help. Talking to them made us all feel the need for more emphasis on such activities through which the real identities are revealed away from manipulation and misunderstandings!
    Technically speaking, the video conference ran really smooth; sound and picture were clear, and we weren’t interrupted by any connection problems, it was as if distance played no role at all! Simply fantastic!

    A very nice Breakfast Reception followed the Café Informatique Internationale, giving the participants the chance to meet the UK Official delegation, senior representatives of the British Council, UK Civil Society, and members of the WSIS Youth Caucus and some other NGO’s.
    We met many many interesting people, it was great to have this face-to-face contact and talk to them on various issues. They were so supportive and encouraging it was GREAT meeting them all!
    I was lucky enough to be selected to throw a quick speech on behalf of the Arab participants during the reception.
    After that we all went to the Youth Hub stand in the exposition hall, it was great as well, we met more people and had a very nice discussion with many people who were present in the hub.
    In the middle of all this, I had my very first live Radio Interview in Tunis :) I knew nothing about it, I was enjoying listening to the “Reach Out” team’s presentations when one of my colleagues dragged me out to the journalist and recommended me to do the interview, it was nice to speak about “Reach Out” it’s success :)

    The last stage of “Reach Out” was a planning of the “Reach Out” projects that will guarantee the implementation of recommended changes and suggested activities.
    Which is very important, because I just hate it when all efforts are wasted because of laziness!
    And I have this feeling that we will do something and will make a difference this time!
    You can check out the blog that blogged live during the summit here.

    I can go on forever talking about “Reach Out” but that was just a general idea of the project. So I guess I’ll stop here and will be posting more about the Reach Out Team, the participants, the people we met and some pics as well, stay tuned!
    It was lovely, and I feel like introducing them all to you :)
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    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    Representing Jordan In WSIS

    This is a quick post from inside the World Summit On Information Society (WSIS)in Tunis.
    I was selected by the British Council as a representative of Jordan in their section in the summit.

    What can I say! Lovely experience, met so many people from so many countries, will be writing about that soon. Now I've got more sections to discover and more people to meet :)

    Friday, November 11, 2005

    Blood Banks Make Appeal

    “AMMAN (JT) — The Amman blood banks have appealed for donors to come forward with type O+ and O- blood. Donors with these blood groups should go to the Blood Bank in Al Bashir Hospital.

    Blood Bank officials have urged those wishing to give blood to space their donations over the coming weeks and months.
    For more information please call: 475 7459 or 477 5111.”

    Source: Jordan Times

    Whoever can donate, please do as soon as possible!

    Palestine Mourns Victims of Jordan Blasts

    Palestinian Authority declared three days of national mourning starting yesterday for the souls of the innocent who were brutally killed in the Amman blasts November 9th.

    More: Arabic, English.

    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    Terrorism Hits Amman!

    3 horrible explosions took place about an hour ago in Amman, in 3 hotels: Radisson Sas, Grand Hyatt Amman, and Days Inn… one of them targeted a wedding!
    The explosions were caused by suicide bombers!
    What the hell is wrong with those stupid people! First Aqaba and now Amman, plot after plot, terrorist act after terrorist act, WHY? WHO IS PAYING THE PRICE?
    I really don’t understand, such sick minds waste their time planning such a destructive act, waste so much money just to destroy, and waste their powers in knocking down communities they live within! They waste their lives brainwashing generations, and the brainwashed explode themselves with pride and satisfaction! Not for a second does it even cross their minds that they’re doing nothing but spread fear, destroy tranquility, and cross out stability and peace from countries they belong to, countries that give them shelter!

    The victims are innocent civilians who did nothing wrong in their life to deserve to die this awful way! People whose fault is to get a job and work for a living rather than kill and destroy!

    You terrorist shit heads, you bastards, if you’re not happy with your lives and not mature and good enough to convey your messages peacefully to make a positive change, if you can’t live in peace, go ahead and kill yourselves without harming others you cowards, why take the lives of others? BURN IN HELL YOU MORONS!

    Till now, results show 32 have been killed, more than 200 are badly injured! All Amman’s exists and entrances are now closed, and the international line to Jordan is not reachable :(

    Tomorrow and on Friday, Jodanians are going out in marches against terrorism…

    May God burn each and everyone who kills innocent people, and may God be by the side of the families of the ones who were killed…