Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ramadan Kareem

So the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan has been officially announced to be today in many Muslim countries, and tomorrow for us here in Tunisia.

I would like to wish all Muslims of the world a happy and blessed Ramadan. May you all use it to know more about your religion, practise more, get closer to your loved ones and help the needy people around you.

Speaking of Ramadan one can’t but hope that one day the Muslim world will unite and start fasting all together on the same day as it’s supposed to be. Subzero Blue proposed a very impressive suggestion that will help the Muslim world unite and have one reference to all Muslim issues, a reference that consists of members from all around the Muslim world.
I truly wish one day Muslims will put aside politics and do this one single thing together!

I’ve also come across a very creative idea to help you keep track of your actions during Ramadan: this practical Ramadan Schedule (AR). I got it printed out and will spread it too. I just loved the idea.

If you have no idea about Ramadan and wish to know what’s it all about, and what’s in it that makes it so special to Muslims you can read this very informative post.

Ramadan Kareem…