Friday, October 28, 2005

Jordan's National Relief Campaign

Now and as I write, Jordan TV is paying all possible efforts in its national campaign to relief victims of the Pakistan Earthquake.
Great news is, individuals, companies and organizations from all around the Arab world are donating.

For a -relatively-” small community like Jordan, I believe the results of this campaign are a big success! Till this moment JTV studios collected JD 1,492,000.000.

This campaign follows the call of HM King Abdullah II, urging citizens of Jordan to donate and help rescue Pakistani people who are suffering terrible health conditions as well as devastating psychological side effects after the earthquake.

I believe this is a great chance for all who wish to help. The campaign will stay open for donations all day long, so please do help with any amount, no matter how little you think it is, this amount will be of great assistance to others.

Ramadan is the month of giving and sharing, all Muslims should double their giving and help those who need help.

And it is to be pointed out that Jordan will have an open day for Churches to gather donations for our Pakistani brothers. So to all our Christian sisters and brothers, don'’t miss this chance.
Together we can make a difference.

May God be by the side of all those who are suffering...

Monday, October 24, 2005

No Time!

Ah! Can’t believe I haven’t blogged for that long!
The past few weeks have been a nightmare! Work becomes more and more every passing day! Time is never enough to do what I've got to do at work or outside work.
Sometimes I think to myself: how come 24 hours are never enough?! I end up blaming it on the time we're living, most of the people seem to have a "time problem". Is it lack of time management? is it overloading employees with tasks? is it laziness? what is it exactly?

Whatever it is, I guess the best way to express how I feel nowadays is the famous ‘Hanson's Treatment of Time’: “There are never enough hours in a day, but always too many days before Saturday”.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Ad Conceptor

I've just came across TheAdConceptor. Check it out, really cool ;)

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Der Geist des Fastens

Viele Muslime fasten nicht im Ramadan, weil sie das Ziel des Fastens nicht verstehen.
Also, glaube ich, dass man erstens die Bedeutung Ramadans lernen muss, und den Geist des Fastens verstehen soll, bevor man das Fasten negative beurteilt.

“Der gesegnete Monat Ramadan ist ein Monat der Gelegenheit der Belohnung, der uns von Allah, dem Allmächtigen, gewährt worden ist. In diesem Monat erinnern wir uns an den Rang der Gnadenbezeugungen, die Allah uns gegeben hat, die wir normalerweise für selbstverständlich erachten und für die wir nie ausreichend Dank sagen.

Das Ziel des Fastens ist die Erlangung von Taqwa (Furcht und Respekt vor Allah in jedem Augenblick, der das gesamte Verhalten beeinflusst), aber auch die Beschränkung des egoistischen Selbst (Nafs), seine Disziplinierung und Kontrolle. Das Fasten muss, wenn wir wirklich von seinem Segen profitieren wollen, in einer Haltung der Anbetung geleistet werden. Durch das Fasten erlangen wir die lobenswerten Eigenschaften der Geduld, einen starken Willen und die Entfernung von den niedrigen Gelüsten unserer Nafs. Wie ein Schild beschützt es die Ehre der Muminin [diejenigen, die auf Allah vertrauen], indem es sie von der endlosen Beschäftigung mit Essen und Trinken befreit.”

Wir sollen im Ramadan an die armen Leute, die Bedürftigen, denken und sie auch hilfen. Hier sind zwei hilfreichen Links: Retten Sie die Bedürftigen, Kauf & Hilf.

Ramadan ist ein einzigartiger Monat, wir sollen von diesem Monat profitieren.
Wir sollen uns immer daran erinnern, dass unsere kleine guten Taten einen grossen Unterschied machen können.

  • Quick in English ;)

  • I’m writing about the fact that many Muslims do not fast in Ramadan, and I believe it’s because they miss the point of fasting. Therefore, one should learn the concept and the spirit of this month before misjudging it.

    I linked to an informative article in a German website, which provides details about Ramadan and fasting. Also, since Ramadan is the month of helping and sharing, I’ve provided 2 German links that enable Muslims to help needy people… because our good deeds, no matter how small, can make a very big difference.

    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    Ramadan Kareem

    So the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan has been officially announced to be today in many Muslim countries, and tomorrow for us here in Tunisia.

    I would like to wish all Muslims of the world a happy and blessed Ramadan. May you all use it to know more about your religion, practise more, get closer to your loved ones and help the needy people around you.

    Speaking of Ramadan one can’t but hope that one day the Muslim world will unite and start fasting all together on the same day as it’s supposed to be. Subzero Blue proposed a very impressive suggestion that will help the Muslim world unite and have one reference to all Muslim issues, a reference that consists of members from all around the Muslim world.
    I truly wish one day Muslims will put aside politics and do this one single thing together!

    I’ve also come across a very creative idea to help you keep track of your actions during Ramadan: this practical Ramadan Schedule (AR). I got it printed out and will spread it too. I just loved the idea.

    If you have no idea about Ramadan and wish to know what’s it all about, and what’s in it that makes it so special to Muslims you can read this very informative post.

    Ramadan Kareem…