Thursday, September 29, 2005

Universities These Days

Now that the students are back to their educational routines, I remember the atmosphere of university when I used to be a student, and I especially remember the new comers.

It’s really sad to say that universities nowadays don’t have the value they once had. Not all students of course, but quite a number considers university a place to get hooked up with someone, to show off possessions, to wear latest mode trends, and to make others feel inferior.

I’m happy that I had a healthy life in university. Among my friends were those others considered “cool”, and those who were “not cool” enough to hang out with.
So I really got a clear picture of how both parties feel. And today I came across this extremely meaningful caricature, which reflects the mentalities of some students and the negative effect of it on other students who come from lower classes:

The father on the right asks: so tell me son, how was your first day at university?
The son on the left replies: can I ask you a question dad? Why don’t I have a car? Why don’t I have a mobile? Why do I wear second-hand clothes? Why didn’t I study in private schools? Why don’t we live in Abdoun (a high class district in Amman)? Why did you send me to university? WHY?
I don’t want to go to university!
(Of course it's funny when read in the dialect itself)

What I liked about it is that it truly relates to reality. Parents used to worry how they’d pay the fees and get their kids the requested books. Now they also burden themselves with looks and things that are supposed to be secondary…