Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some News From Jordan

Bike Paths
Horraaaaaay! Finally, Jordan will be constructing a path for bikes in King Abullah 2nd Street. The path will be around 6 km long and will be surrounded with a safety fence. If proven to be practical and successful, more paths around the Kingdom will be constructed!
Isn’t this just perfect? I’ve always wished for something like that to happen. I know I don’t live there any longer, but still, having such paths will help people cut expenses used in local/ private transportation. they will also encourage people to move instead of relying on cars/ busses, which is very healthy; and last but not least, this will mean less toxics and a healthier environment :)

Madaba Inn
“A three-star hotel located in the heart of Madaba was inaugurated on Tuesday. The 33-room hotel, situated opposite the St. George Church famous for its mosaics, features a restaurant, café, multi-purpose hall, business centre and access to high-speed wireless Internet”. Source:Jordan Times
I believe this is a very smart and impressive step. This way tourists and students from all around the world would have the chance to stay as long as they want in Madaba instead of spending few hours during a day trip.
It doesn’t have to be a fancy 5 starts hotel, the option of an inn will just do, and will be also affordable. I think it’s really great!
Here are some pictures of the famous Madaba mosaics for you to enjoy.