Monday, September 26, 2005

Palestinians Continue To Suffer

I’m so angry and upset!

I’m fed up with Palestinians being portrayed as terrorists! I’m fed up with media filling the world’s heads with lies! I can’t stand listening to biased reports or misleading messages!
This is really disgusting!

It seems no news channel has the courage to show EVERYTHING! They only show one side of the story: Israel’s attacks are in response to Hamas’ attack, FULL STOP!
Why did Hamas attack in the first place? Nothing to be told about that so that the Palestinians will always look bad, aggressive… so that they’ll always look as terrorists.

Regardless of what the whole world thinks, there is nothing on earth that justifies killing innocent civilians! Nothing justifies bombing schools full of children, nothing at all.

All of the bloodshed and still I hear channels speak of the historical withdrawal from Gaza!! What rights have the Palestinians been given? NOTHING BUT THE RIGHT TO DIE!

Wake Up People and smell the damn coffee!

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