Sunday, September 04, 2005

Monster Hurricane...Katrina!

Every morning, before heading to work, I turn on TV to news channels to know what’s the situation like now in the regions being hit by Hurricane Katrina… or the Monster Hurricane as it’s called.
Whenever I try to write something about it I find myself left with no words strong enough to express my feelings while I watch those people left homeless without shelters, food, or water, with chaos and violence surrounding them!

I don’t really believe the relief efforts are sufficient! Many people are still left behind, and some are insisting on staying where they are, preferring the roofs of their destroyed homes rather than turning to a shelter with nothing to support them!

My company started collecting donations from all its branches around the world, it also gave its employees who reside in the US 4 paid days off to go help the victims of the hurricane.

I think the situation is worsening with every passing day, and help is urgently needed to save the survivors of the hurricane.

Whoever can help, please do!

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