Friday, September 16, 2005

"Follow The Women"… pedalling for peace!

About 300 women from 25 countries will be riding bicycles to pedal for peace. The around 300-km ride, starts in Beirut today and goes through Syria and Jordan ending in Ramallah-Palestine.
This bike ride is called “Follow the Women” and is meant to send a message to world leaders to stop the suffering caused by the conflict in the Middle East.

The event is organized by Detta Regan, a well known international youth work advisor. She says: “Women do not traditionally cycle in the Middle East, so the sight of a large female-only group will attract huge interest.”

One bicycle will sport the flag of Saudi Arabia, and it will be ridden by one of the Kingdom’s most remarkable women: Dr. Hayat Sindi, a leading Saudi medical researcher who graduated from Cambridge University with a doctorate degree in biotechnology.
“The ride is aimed at raising awareness of how the spiral of violence in the Middle East is blighting the lives of women and children who often suffer the worst consequences of the painfully slow pace of the peace process,” Dr. Sindi said.

“Follow The Women” members were welcomed in every Arabic country they entered last year. They were also warmly welcomed in Jordan last year, and I’m sure they will be encouraged this year as well, since FOLLOW THE WOMEN 2005 now has the patronage of Queen Rania of Jordan.

I’m so happy that women are participating in such important issues, and I’m so pleased that Arab women are playing a role too, whether by encouragement & support, or by personal participation.

Way to go Dr. Sindi, we’re proud of you! Here is more about Dr. Sindi’s struggle to reach her dreams and her accomplishments.

For detailed information about the event, Click Here!