Thursday, September 29, 2005

Universities These Days

Now that the students are back to their educational routines, I remember the atmosphere of university when I used to be a student, and I especially remember the new comers.

It’s really sad to say that universities nowadays don’t have the value they once had. Not all students of course, but quite a number considers university a place to get hooked up with someone, to show off possessions, to wear latest mode trends, and to make others feel inferior.

I’m happy that I had a healthy life in university. Among my friends were those others considered “cool”, and those who were “not cool” enough to hang out with.
So I really got a clear picture of how both parties feel. And today I came across this extremely meaningful caricature, which reflects the mentalities of some students and the negative effect of it on other students who come from lower classes:

The father on the right asks: so tell me son, how was your first day at university?
The son on the left replies: can I ask you a question dad? Why don’t I have a car? Why don’t I have a mobile? Why do I wear second-hand clothes? Why didn’t I study in private schools? Why don’t we live in Abdoun (a high class district in Amman)? Why did you send me to university? WHY?
I don’t want to go to university!
(Of course it's funny when read in the dialect itself)

What I liked about it is that it truly relates to reality. Parents used to worry how they’d pay the fees and get their kids the requested books. Now they also burden themselves with looks and things that are supposed to be secondary…

Monday, September 26, 2005

More Upsetting News

Spanish Court gave Aljazeera reporter Tayssir Allouni a 7-year sentence. He is guilty of interviewing the terrorist Osama Bin Laden; i.e. he is guilty for doing his job as a journalist.
I believe it’s so unfair!! FREE ALLOUNI
  • For Arabic Click Here

  • MORE: Taysir Alluni Sentenced to 7 years in jail.

    Palestinians Continue To Suffer

    I’m so angry and upset!

    I’m fed up with Palestinians being portrayed as terrorists! I’m fed up with media filling the world’s heads with lies! I can’t stand listening to biased reports or misleading messages!
    This is really disgusting!

    It seems no news channel has the courage to show EVERYTHING! They only show one side of the story: Israel’s attacks are in response to Hamas’ attack, FULL STOP!
    Why did Hamas attack in the first place? Nothing to be told about that so that the Palestinians will always look bad, aggressive… so that they’ll always look as terrorists.

    Regardless of what the whole world thinks, there is nothing on earth that justifies killing innocent civilians! Nothing justifies bombing schools full of children, nothing at all.

    All of the bloodshed and still I hear channels speak of the historical withdrawal from Gaza!! What rights have the Palestinians been given? NOTHING BUT THE RIGHT TO DIE!

    Wake Up People and smell the damn coffee!

  • New Israeli Massacre in Jabalya Refugee Camp
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  • Crushing Palestinians
  • Friday, September 16, 2005

    "Follow The Women"… pedalling for peace!

    About 300 women from 25 countries will be riding bicycles to pedal for peace. The around 300-km ride, starts in Beirut today and goes through Syria and Jordan ending in Ramallah-Palestine.
    This bike ride is called “Follow the Women” and is meant to send a message to world leaders to stop the suffering caused by the conflict in the Middle East.

    The event is organized by Detta Regan, a well known international youth work advisor. She says: “Women do not traditionally cycle in the Middle East, so the sight of a large female-only group will attract huge interest.”

    One bicycle will sport the flag of Saudi Arabia, and it will be ridden by one of the Kingdom’s most remarkable women: Dr. Hayat Sindi, a leading Saudi medical researcher who graduated from Cambridge University with a doctorate degree in biotechnology.
    “The ride is aimed at raising awareness of how the spiral of violence in the Middle East is blighting the lives of women and children who often suffer the worst consequences of the painfully slow pace of the peace process,” Dr. Sindi said.

    “Follow The Women” members were welcomed in every Arabic country they entered last year. They were also warmly welcomed in Jordan last year, and I’m sure they will be encouraged this year as well, since FOLLOW THE WOMEN 2005 now has the patronage of Queen Rania of Jordan.

    I’m so happy that women are participating in such important issues, and I’m so pleased that Arab women are playing a role too, whether by encouragement & support, or by personal participation.

    Way to go Dr. Sindi, we’re proud of you! Here is more about Dr. Sindi’s struggle to reach her dreams and her accomplishments.

    For detailed information about the event, Click Here!

    Wednesday, September 14, 2005

    With Lots of Love...

    You know when your heart is filled with many beautiful emotions and your soul is lightened with great sweet memories, stronger than being put into words!
    This is how I feel right now.
    Today is our 3rd year wedding anniversary... and I feel extremely speechless!
    People usually say: I love you... Although that's not enough to reflect what I feel, but well, until they come up with a stronger word, let me say: I love you my dear husband :)

    Thank you for these amazing 3 years, and may God bless our marriage forever...

    Some News From Jordan

    Bike Paths
    Horraaaaaay! Finally, Jordan will be constructing a path for bikes in King Abullah 2nd Street. The path will be around 6 km long and will be surrounded with a safety fence. If proven to be practical and successful, more paths around the Kingdom will be constructed!
    Isn’t this just perfect? I’ve always wished for something like that to happen. I know I don’t live there any longer, but still, having such paths will help people cut expenses used in local/ private transportation. they will also encourage people to move instead of relying on cars/ busses, which is very healthy; and last but not least, this will mean less toxics and a healthier environment :)

    Madaba Inn
    “A three-star hotel located in the heart of Madaba was inaugurated on Tuesday. The 33-room hotel, situated opposite the St. George Church famous for its mosaics, features a restaurant, café, multi-purpose hall, business centre and access to high-speed wireless Internet”. Source:Jordan Times
    I believe this is a very smart and impressive step. This way tourists and students from all around the world would have the chance to stay as long as they want in Madaba instead of spending few hours during a day trip.
    It doesn’t have to be a fancy 5 starts hotel, the option of an inn will just do, and will be also affordable. I think it’s really great!
    Here are some pictures of the famous Madaba mosaics for you to enjoy.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    When Women Take Control...

    I got a forward today, it's about imagining how the world would turn out if women take control. My favorite outcome was this:

    Apart from finding it really funny and extremely cute, I couldn't help but wonder: when are people going to finally stop associating women with looks and beauty products?!

    The other day for example, while watching a TV program, I saw them marketing products that make "life" easier for women. All they sold was stuff to hold makeup products in less space; or ones that help women keep their makeup on for a long time;mobile phones with more jewelry rather than more functions; shoes that flatter the posture rather than relax the feet...etc.
    I'm not against this at all, some women truly care about nothing in life but their looks, but what I'm so much against is the sad fact that people tend to judge us all by this shallow kind of women...

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    Work Diaries (26): now this is embarrassing!

    Today was a very busy and tough day for me at work. I was feeling a bit sick for the past couple of days, and then I got a quick, yet heavy, rain shower on my way to my in-laws’ place yesterday, so today I woke up feeling worse.

    I had to work on a report for my boss, because he was too busy, and then just around my only lunch break, he remembered that we had a deadline for a client’s proposal. So I had to work my head off to meet the deadline, or else, we’ll be in a very bad situation.
    I felt I almost passed out! But we got things done and I had my lunch.
    When I got back to the office, I found my boss with a very angry face, he told me:
    Boss: Eman, I’m in deep SHIT! Sorry for my language! (he always says “shit” and follows up with an apology!)
    Eman: Why’s that? Is there something wrong with the proposal?
    Boss: No, not that, I went to their headquarters to hand it out personally, but they said the time was over and they can’t accept our proposal any more! I asked to meet the manager but he was out! I’m afraid we lost a project!

    Like I even had the strength to care!! All I said was: oh, all that work for nothing!!! And went to my office. Out of curiosity, I looked in the papers of the client to check on the terms. I found out that the deadline is today indeed, but the last time to submit the proposal is 5 p.m.! And it was still 3:30 p.m.!!
    I went to the boss, explained the thing to him, he was happy, and taken with joy he said: Eman, you saved us, I’ll leave you the honour of going there yourself to submit the proposal!
    I had no power to walk one more step, I told him that, and he said that he has a meeting coming up! So he basically left me no choice but go there myself!
    I reached the client’s building at 4:10 p.m., I introduced myself to the receptionist, handed out my business card, explained why I was there, she asked me to go to the 2nd floor.
    The 2nd floor had another receptionist, I introduced myself, gave my business card, explained why I was there, and then she asked me to go to the 4th floor.
    Seeing that it was the last floor in this building I was happy I wouldn’t be asked to go to a 5th or 6th floor. So with a smiling face, I introduced myself AGAIN, gave another business card, explained why I was there, and then, the receptionist kindly asked me to go back to the 3rd floor, where I introduced myself and all, and then the receptionist told me to go to the secretary’s office on the left.
    I went there, to find this lovely office overlooking the managers meeting room. I explained the whole issue to the secretary, and she said she can do nothing, it’s up to the manager. So she pointed at him through the glass window and asked me to simply go in.
    I saw that he was in the middle of a meeting, with many people surrounding him, a board, a projector and all. So I asked her: don’t you think you should at least notify him before I get in.
    She said: if I do, you’ll have to wait and might pass the deadline time! So this is the only way I can help. I’ll just pretend I didn’t see you and you went there by yourself, ok!
    I knew it was wrong and I had to wait, but well, it’s either that or we’ll lose a project! So I said to myself: what the hell! I’m going there, I knocked on the door, he looked at me, I had a very very very serious face, so he waved his hand asking me to get in, being happy that he let me in without complications, I was so proud, I smiled, walked in his direction with fast steady steps, my head up high, so confident, so optimistic that he’d accept our proposal. He was also walking in my direction, and then BOOM!
    No, we didn’t hit each other, it was my face against the damn extremely clean invisible glass door! It was too strong that I couldn’t feel my nose for the few first minutes!
    I turned all red, the whole meeting room were staring at me, some laughing, some feeling sorry for my red nose… ah it was so so embarrassing!
    The manager offered me a glass of water, and asked if I was alright. I thanked him and then I saw my face in the mirror opposite to me, and my face features on the glass door I hit, and then all I did was laugh!
    The manager, who was hardly holding his laughs first, surrendered and laughed along. He then listened to what I had to say about the deadline and said: We can’t make you come all the way here, and have your nose hit that strong, and then let you down.
    Give me that proposal!

    And so I went back to the office to my boss with great news and a red nose! :)

    Sunday, September 04, 2005

    Monster Hurricane...Katrina!

    Every morning, before heading to work, I turn on TV to news channels to know what’s the situation like now in the regions being hit by Hurricane Katrina… or the Monster Hurricane as it’s called.
    Whenever I try to write something about it I find myself left with no words strong enough to express my feelings while I watch those people left homeless without shelters, food, or water, with chaos and violence surrounding them!

    I don’t really believe the relief efforts are sufficient! Many people are still left behind, and some are insisting on staying where they are, preferring the roofs of their destroyed homes rather than turning to a shelter with nothing to support them!

    My company started collecting donations from all its branches around the world, it also gave its employees who reside in the US 4 paid days off to go help the victims of the hurricane.

    I think the situation is worsening with every passing day, and help is urgently needed to save the survivors of the hurricane.

    Whoever can help, please do!

    Storm In Pictures