Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Work Diaries (25 ): Fax Me Baby One More Time!

Today was unbelievable, my fax machine kept beeping all day long, no, not too many faxes, it was only one.
The thing is, a company we deal with sent us a fax in the morning. It had the name of another company, i.e. it was not meant to reach us, but obviously it was sent to us by accident, and since the info is SUPPOSED to be confidential, I immediately called the sender and explained to her that she has to re-send the fax to the other company. She thanked me and apologized for the mistake.
Just as I hung up, the fax machine started beeping the receiving signal again, I checked it out: the same fax! So I called again.
Eman: Miss, seriously, you have the wrong number, make sure you send it to the right company this time.
Sender: Oops! Sorry, I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.

10 minutes later…
beeeeep (the fax machine receiving). I take a look and AGAIN the same damn fax! So, I call.
Eman: Hi, I..
Sender: (in a rude manner) YOU AGAIN! What do you want this time?
Eman: I’m the one who’s supposed to be angry, so lower your voice while speaking and get this straight: YOU SENT US THE FAX BY MISTAKE AGAIN!
Sender: ok ok, will deal with this.

20 minutes later…
Again the same fax. So I call AGAIN!
Eman: what’s the matter with you? Why do you keep sending us this fax?
Sender: I’m fed up really!
Eman: YOU? Ok listen miss, honestly, if I was some cheap bastard I wouldn’t give a damn, but I’m being really nice here and I’m doing you a damn favor, WHICH you are not appreciating. For the last time I’m telling you to check out the number, or tell you what, write down the correct number, here you go…. (I give her the number)
Sender: I have the right number, so..
Eman: please just let’s make sure you have it.
Sender: Ok
Eman: here you go(……..). So now, if I get this fax one more time, I’m going to talk to your manager, understood!
Sender: is that a threat?!
Eman: yeah dear it is, you’ve wasted enough time and paper for nothing, you are sabotaging the receiving of other important faxes we are awaiting, and above all, you’ve sent confidential info to us, which will get you in big trouble if you don’t look out.
Sender: ok, ok.

2 minutes later…
I get the very same fax. I call her manager and explain everything.
Manager: (shocked) WHAT!
Eman: Just like I told you. Now I mean no harm to anyone, just make sure this doesn't happen again.
Manager: No problem at all. I truly apologize.

5 minutes later...
(beeeep) .. I check the fax, and FINALLY I got a different fax that is really for us.
But wait, there's another (beeep), what the hell? it's the same old fax again!!!

I faxed them back their fax with a note that says: WRONG FAX NUMBER! but I didn't do this only once, I faxed them my note every 15 minutes even when they called and said they got my fax. I know that’s evil and so unlike me, but to hell with everything, I wanted to teach them a lesson ;)