Monday, August 22, 2005

Terrorist Acts… Sick Minds

What a week! Last week was a disaster, I had loads of work to do at the office many tight deadlines, felt a bit sick, and heard my share of bad news.
Most disturbing news was that of the bombings in Aqaba.
In this crazy time we’re living, I’m not shocked to hear of disgusting terrorist acts anywhere in the world, but what shocks me every time I hear of one is: WHEN ARE THOSE AIRHEADS GOING TO FINALLY GET IT!!!
Terrorism never solves a problem! Killing innocent people, destroying the planet, and planting fear in all generations is NOT THE DAMN SOLUTION!!!

And what makes me really sick, is when they show their “pretty faces” and say: in the name of Islam…etc.
Yeah right! Well I’m Muslim, and I’m saying it out loud: MAY YOU BURN IN HELL YOU MORONS!