Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Meetup In Kelibia

Ok I know it’s a whole week late but well, what can I say, life can get us really busy!

So the last meetup of the Tunisian Bloggers was in Kelibia, one of my favourite places in Tunisia besides the beautiful Bizerte and Djerba.
To be honest I only went twice to Kelibia, and it was for a short while; less than a day.
But the last meetup helped me see the real Kelibia, the other sides of its beauty, not just a public beach… all the thanks go to our fellow blogger Adib, who is from there, and who was our guide all the day long.

The bloggers present were: Mouse Hunter, Marouen, La Blogeuse & Evil Drako, EjjaBilCaviar & La Guilde, Adib, Subzero Blue and moi :)
The adventure started at 10 a.m. and ended at 12 a.m. :D

It was breathtaking, simply amazing, very very beautiful. The best meetup so far! I just wished other blogger could’ve made it, we truly missed them so much, specially: Zizou, Noha, Yamen, Chikipi, Seif and Tom.

The meetup took place at Restaurant El Mansoura, an extremely amazing place, great food, comfortable atmosphere, and last but not least, a heavenly natural surrounding. Our table was literally on a big beautiful rock, its edge inside the pure clear water, i.e. one jump/ step and one can be enjoying the refreshing water and the view of the cute little fishes and other weird creatures :P
And although the place deserved each and every millime we’ve paid, I believe it was a bit expensive, and that many bloggers, if they came, wouldn’t be able to afford it.
Yet again, it was worth it, anyway, it’s not always we get to have such a beautiful place and enjoy the food, view, water and company :)

After we had lunch and the bloggers swam and swam and swam :) Adib took us in a tour to know Kelibia’s historical sites and figures. That was truly nice. The meetup ended with a yummy cup of green tea & pine nuts, some had shishas and we talked about many things.
The café was situated inside a rocky hill, and the seats we got were natural rocks covered with cozy mattresses, I got the worst place since the rock I had was not carved inside but pointing out that my back looked like a zigzag while I was sitting :D

The meetup was special in many ways: being out of Tunis, and the same day of 2 sweet occasions: Drako’s Birthday :) (Happy Birthday again friend) and Woman’s Day in Tunisia, and for that Mouse Hunter –the women supporter- brought each lady blogger a “mashmoom”: a bunch of jasmin/ fell organized in the shape of one big flower. It has an amazing beautiful smell and looks really lovely. Thanks again Karim :)

Thank you Adib for your effort in the arrangements, the reservations, the tour and all. It was one special meetup :)

For pics click here and on all links provided above :)