Monday, August 22, 2005

Crocodile Tears...

Wherever you look you find headlines of the “Historical Moment” of Gaza Settlers evacuating their fancy homes…
Pics of sad faces, angry features, falling tears, prayers, fights… etc.
The “withdrawal”, the “disengagement”, the “forced evacuation”, the “compulsory deserting”… wait there is more: flashbacks of memories, bitterness, dislocation, what else? I guess any sympathetic word would fit as long as it serves the Israeli “disengagement plan” that is a step towards the claimed “freedom”…
All talk about poor settlers; all speak of the Israeli “sacrifice”; all see nothing but the cooperative spirit of Israel in doing everything it can to have “peace”.

Does anyone speak of the compensation each family’s getting? No. Does anyone doubt this 100% pro-Israeli media coverage? NO. Does anyone at all speak of the negative consequences of this so called “withdrawal”? Hell NO!
Does anyone bring up the fact that these settlers are actually occupiers who illegally took the place they call home? No. Does anyone speak of the exodus of Palestinians in 1948 & 1967 when they were FORCED to leave not only their homes, not only their neighborhoods, not only their cities, but their whole country while the WHOLE WORLD IS SIMPLY WATCHING! No.

How do Israeli Settlers look? Great! Everyone seems to sympathize with their tears, which media by the way spared no effort in showing: drop by drop.
How does the Israeli government look? Never better, they have shown their just and fair actions that they even used forced to evacuate their brothers & sisters the settlers who didn’t want to withdraw voluntary!
How do Palestinians look? Still terrorists, not only do they “kill Israelis”, and “destroy Israel”, but they are also the reason why those sensitive poor settlers are going away from their homes….
In short: Israel= peace initiative, Israelis= victims, Palestinians= victimizers!

I usually support peace in every way, but only when peace is the means, and peace is the goal. I’m not against this withdrawal, but I’d believe in it only if it really serves justice and peace, but the sad fact is that this withdrawal is nothing but a play to me, Israel got more attention and more sympathy, while it’s cutting its way to more control, more Palestinian land, more power and more isolating of Palestinian territories.
Unemployment will rise, poverty will increase, Palestinians will still have no control on their own sources neither access to their own land. This whole withdrawal is –in my personal opinion- nothing but a trap, a win-win situation for Israel…

Nothing pleases me more than a just independent and courageous voice speaking the truth and standing up for the real victims. Thanks to “Refugee” a loyal reader of my blog, I was able to read an extremely amazing and unbiased article by Jennifer Loewenstein, believe me, you don’t want to miss this article!