Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Celebrating Blog Day 2005

Sabbah tagged me to celebrate Blog Day. In order to do that, I’m supposed to introduce you to 5 new links that belong to different cultures.

Here’s my list:
1.Azza Jabr, from Palestine, I just adore her blog for one simple reason: she writes real stories, personal diaries and reports real life encounters and what the people of Palestine go through under occupation. Her blog is in Arabic.
2.EnlargeYourPen, a very interesting blog from Germany. He blogs in German and English about a variety of interesting topics.
3.Surfer Journal, a relatively new blog of a great impressive mind of a Palestinian/Syrian living in Morocco. His blog is in English.
4.Laughter Brings Good Luck, a personal blog of a Japanese woman blogging in English. With its many pics of places in Japan, this blog is such a delight to read!
5.Pourquoi Pas?, a great group blog that consists of bloggers from different countries. It's in English. I love their honesty, and unbiased perspectives.

Wish you all a Happy Blog Day :)