Monday, August 01, 2005

4th Tunisian Bloggers Meetup

As expected, it was wonderful. More bloggers are showing up and the feminine participation is becoming only better with the sweet Troubadour, Blogeuse, Infinity, and IjjaBilCaviar, yep we were 5 ladies this time ;)

As for other male bloggers,they were Evil Drako, Tom, Zizou from Djerba,Yamen, Marouen, 7ammadi, La Guilde, and last but not least: Subzero Blue.

We arrived at 7 p.m. and stayed till 1:30 a.m. :D it was great, we talked LOT! The topics are always getting better, this time the main focus was on premarital relationships and religion.
Zizou gave us all a hard time to convince him of certain things, and he did a pretty good job asking us really hard questions ;)

The sense of humor of many bloggers, specially Tom, gave the meetup a very nice atmosphere. I also felt that many bloggers feel more comfortable now, specially Troubadour and Yamen.
It was also great to meet the newly engaged couple Blogeuse & Drako, and it was such a great chance to meet Infinity, who’s full of surprises :)

We truly missed Adib, MouseHunter & Chikipi, and I hope that more and more bloggers will take part in the coming meetups.

For pics and more details click here!