Friday, July 29, 2005

A Story To Tell …

Yesterday I heard a heart-breaking story:
An old man gets hit by a truck in the middle of the street. What happens to him?
1. the driver escapes the scene leaving him to his wounds and pain with no one around to help him.
2. a young man passes by accidentally, sees the man, searches him, steals away his wallet and whatever he could profit from, escapes and leaves the man behind...bleeding!
3. another man comes, a good one at last, gets him some help, and contacts his family.
4. his wife and his only son run to him to make sure he’s being hospitalized.
5. doctors tell them his ribs are broken, his arm and leg are broken and he needs an immediate operation to stop the bleeding.
6. the poor man dies in the middle of the operation.

Isn’t this world turning into one big jungle?!
Fortunately, the man was able to provide info and describe the truck before he died, which helped the police catch the terrible driver. At least he’ll have to take responsibility for what he did… if he took his responsibilities from the very first start, who knows, maybe the man would’ve lived, if not, he offered help and tried to save the man’s life instead of leaving him to suffer in pain and get robbed, till he finally passed away…
All I can say is: May his soul rest in peace…. And may people start thinking of what they do to others as if it were done to them…