Saturday, July 23, 2005

STOP Terrorism!

In the middle of the this terrible time we're living, where terrorism has become a common practice and kind of a miserable trend, one can't but feel threatened and insecure, no matter where, no matter when and no matter who.

A lot has been said about the horrible London Explosions, a lot is being said about Sharm Al Sheikh bombings, a lot will be said about every terrorist act that may take place in future... Many fingers will point at certain people, many others will blame certain circumstances, and many would believe certain religions are behind this big mess.
As a human being, there's one thing I know for sure; terrorism makes us all suffer.
Our countries suffer from terrorism just like the west, our civilians suffer from terrorism just like theirs, and many of our lives are destroyed just like theirs...
Therefore, if we want to do something meaningful, essential, logical and basic, it's stopping terrorism... Let's all learn to tolerate and love each other regardless of religion, origin or identity.
Let's stop terrorism, but let's avoid terrorism as a method of fighting it back...

At least express yourself and say NO TO TERRORISM!
Send a picture with a message to terrorists, tell the criminals of any race, religion and nation: NO TO TERRORISM!