Friday, July 22, 2005

Old Tag ;)

Ok, so while I was in Amman, I got tagged by Eve & MMM, and now here are my belated answers ;)

What is the one word you would use to describe your appearance?
Don’t know :) I guess people who know me could be of help here :P
Favorite body part?
Least favorite body part?
My sensitive teeth, were they not that sensitive, I’d really love them :)
Most often complimented on?
Sweetness & helpfulness.
Most often criticized for?
Stubbornness, restlessness, and worrying about others a lot.
Your romantic relationship?
I’d sum it up in: my marriage.
Your relationship with your parents?
Excellent, thank God for that, but I always feel I could be more of help to both of them in many ways.
Your feelings about parenting?
A big responsibility, a sweet bless, and a painful joy ;)
Your hobbies?
swimming & tennis, helping others, playing music according to my own melody-predicting ears, cooking (specially baking),watching movies, reading biographies/documentaries & health/ science related books, and last but not least creating my own weird dances…
Your favorite personality type for a friend?
Trustful, kind-hearted, modest, honest, loyal and funny.
Favorite personality type for a spouse or lover?
Everything my MMM is :)
Favorite type of movie?
Favorite cuisine?
Almost all are my favourite, and I’d just avoid: raw meat, pig meat, and alcohol :D
Favorite treat?
A day in a spa :)
Favorite gift?
The one that comes from the heart…
Favorite pet?
It used to be birds, now it became birds AND cats :)
Subject of blogging post that got the most hits?
The beheading of Nicholas Berg.. got me 8000 visitors in one day! I just hate to remember this horrible incident...

I’ll tag:
Mo, Shaden, Omar, and Yamen.