Monday, July 18, 2005

Finally Time To Blog...

I’ve been away from blogging mainly because I have no time.The only time is in my work break, but thanks to my work, almost all “entertaining” services -including blogs- are blocked, so I can’t blog nor visit most of the blogs I love, not to mention that even those I can visit, I can’t always leave a comment there, because commenting is blocked as well!

After work I always have loads of things to do, and I’m always out of time! Anyway, I just thought I’d thank all those who left me comments and sent me emails asking where I was and checking if I was ok.

In the past couple of weeks I:
1. Got stung by an evil bee, the first time in my life, hope it’s the last, coz it really hurts like HELL!
2. Tried to convince my boss that a person doesn’t have to freeze to death in order to feel the bless of an A.C.
3. Bored my husband with the amazing book I’m reading (will post about it when I’m finished, read 250 pages, and still 200 left :P )
4. Tried to explain to a client that Jordan is not a Gulf country!!
5. Listened to a bunch of French jokes by my husband’s cousins who were born and still live in France, good news is I understood most :)
6. Worked a bit on the decoration, organizing and cleaning of the house.
7. Had –actually I still have- a terrible backache. Don’t know how I got it!
8. Had unbelievable sleeping disorders…
9. Realized how corrupted the world has become on all levels, and I’m about to believe that fixing this planet is a hopeless case.
10. Failed to save my plant which died last week :(

Anyway, I promise not to be away that long again ;)