Friday, June 03, 2005

Will Not Vote…

Well, where do I start, I’ve been getting many many shocks ever since I arrived, will come to that later when I have the time to write. Anyway, I’ve been sick for the past few days, and couldn’t really follow up on my favorite blogs, but today I came across this Jordan Planet quality thing which was discussed a while ago, and to cut it short, it seems the final decision was to go for a general voting, something I’ve already disagreed on strongly, so I’m not voting, simply because by voting I’ll give myself the right to help keep or dismiss someone for what they blog, a right no one has, because I believe that a blog is a reflection of a person’s mentality, interests, profession and field of education, not a satisfaction for what some readers like to read.
What I like might mean nothing to what others like, what I hate, might be something others just love, so it’s so unfair to give myself the right to vote someone in or out.

And just one thing I thought I’d remind all those reading this post, we as Arabs will never ever improve or have real democracy if we can’t‎ implement democracy and respect for others in something as simple as blogging. Yes, democracy is to allow all to say what they wish to say as long as they mean no harm, as long as they don’t cross the lines of tolerance and politeness, and as long as they are reaching out for the world in a most peaceful and respectful way.
But limiting the participation of some bloggers according to the opinions of some others is so unfair, and is no not democratic. Suggesting that some “low quality” posts will give a bad impression about the Planet as a whole, plays no role for me, looking at other bloggers gatherings, like Tunisie Blogs, Lebanon Bloggers Forum, Bahrain Bloggers and many others, I can’t but say they are a living example for successful bloggers gatherings, a proof that you can have good quality no matter how many the bloggers are, no matter how the posts look and no matter what people reading their blogs think of the variations. I truly respect them all, and congratulate them for their great work.

For now, all I can say is, if members of the Jordan Planet will insist on voting some bloggers out and not allowing new Jordanians to join the Planet, then I believe that it will no longer deserve the name Jordan Planet neither its slogan: A Blog Readers’ Window To Jordan, because a window to Jordan, is a window to all kinds of thinking, all kinds of writing, a true reflection of the Jordanian community, not what some people would think are the “elite”… if the “elite” remains, then what different are we than those whom we criticize for giving themselves the right to choose for us and to control our concept of participation in society. Therefore, I have to say that I personally think it’ll become meaningless to be a member of it.

I truly hope that what I'm saying will not be taken personally, I'm not against anyone, I'm just against the idea of discriminating between bloggers.

Having said all that, we’re staying in Jordan till June 19th, I still wish to meet ALL Jordanian bloggers regardless of this whole voting thing, so whether you’ll still be a Jordan Planet member or not, let’s meet, taking the time to write in your blog, paying the effort to run a blog, is enough for me whether I like what you write or not. I know the period isn’t that perfect due to the university exams, but I hope I’ll get the chance to meet all who are in Jordan while I’m still here.

Good luck to all…