Sunday, June 19, 2005

Meeting Jordan Bloggers

Simply PERFECT! Yep, the Jordan Blogger Meetup was one big success, I enjoyed every moment, I didn't feel like a stranger, I felt I've already met the bloggers before and having an interesting, and a fruitful conversation with all of them couldn't be easier!
The meetup exceeded my expectations, besides the great fact that I got to see faces in real life rather than some pictures, we had a lot of fun as well as serious talks.
We discussed many issues: blogging motivation; blogging topics; positive and negative changes in Jordan; Arabic mentalities concerning certain issues such as marriage, blogging, personal judgments, and relationships. We also talked about education; movies; music; reading; equality; justice; and many other great things. Other than that, I must admit there were times when I laughed like crazy :)

The bloggers present were: Ammar Ibrahim, Deeb Dweik, Hind Sabanekh, Isam Bayazidi, Jad Madi, Lina Ejeilat, Mira Shnoudi, Nader Shnoudi, Naseem Tarawnah, Roba Assi, Samir Rawashdeh, and last but not least, my dear husband MMM(Subzero Blue), oh yes, and myself of course ;)

Ok now here are my quick impressions about each blogger I met:
  • Ammar: funny, sweet, very friendly, being my neighbor, I always feel he's someone I know for ages although we never really talked before that meetup :)
  • Deeb: nice, always smiling although you can feel his desperation away from Jordan :)
  • Hind: so funny, down to earth, and so so friendly :)
  • Isam: not as serious as I thought he'd be, friendly, and you can feel his devotion to Jordan Planet and his interest in getting us together :)
  • Jad: so quiet, so calm, very nice and a bit shy :)
  • Lina: calm, very sweet and very very modest :)
  • Mira: extremely quiet, as friendly and sensitive as I've expected :)
  • Nader: really really sweet, funny, and hates being interrupted :D
  • Naseem: totally different than how I imagined him to be, less serious as well, very very nice and we agree on many points :)
  • Roba: as sweet and friendly as I thought she'd be, she's also funny and very natural :)
  • Samir: quiet, shy and nice :)
  • My husband: I'm married to him, that says it all :)

  • I had great time at the meetup, as well as after the meetup when we grabbed some yummy Shawerma, in short, it was wonderful from A-Z. I wish we were closer to join Jordan Bloggers Meetup more often, but well,it doesn't matter, the most important thing is that these meetups will keep taking place and be always successful.

    For more pics click Here, and Here.