Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In The War Against Palestinians

I’ve just come across a great article by Preston Taran.

Here are some lines to share:

Manipulating Language in the War Against Palestinians
“Of course the fallback position of the Israeli government is that (“if you are not with us, you are an anti-Semite”). So far this has been a winning combination for the supporters of Israel.
Extending this logic, all those who condemn France should be labeled as anti-Catholic. To criticize Pakistan would automatically make the accuser anti-Muslim, if we adopt the Israeli-American method of thinking.
When Israel attacked Lebanon in 1978 and 1982, this was praised as “daring,” as all other Israeli military expeditions have been. If Palestinian or Arab military units move militarily, such as Egypt did in 1973, it is a “sneak attack.” When a Palestinian group fights for its survival through a military action, much of the West calls the action “Iranian or Syrian-backed” or sponsored.
Israeli actions are conveniently portrayed as “heroic.”No mention of “American-backed” incursions. When Israelis commandeer aircraft or ships on the high seas in international waters, it is just a “diversion.” When any nation other than Israel or the United States partakes in similar actions, the word “terrorism” or the new American word “thugs” is trotted out.
A humorous aspect of the selective use of the English language revolves around the notion of incarceration.
If an American is unjustly arrested abroad he is said to be “imprisoned.” America has no prisoners in Guantanamo Bay or in other places around the world; we just have “detainees.”
Same with the Israelis.
Israel had a “security zone” in Lebanon and continues to have “security zones,” throughout their “occupied” territories. Who would dare call them occupation zones?”
You can read the article in full Here.