Tuesday, June 28, 2005

3rd Tunisian Blogger Meetup

Ok, where do I start! The meetup was FANTASTIC! I loved it, loved it, loved it.
You know, it doesn’t feel like meeting bloggers, no, it’s more like meeting friends you’ve known for a long time, friends who blog :) Even the new ones felt comfortable and we had great time and very interesting discussions.

So who was there?
The old faces ;) Adib, Drako, Zizou, Karim, Chikipi, and of course MMM and moi ;)
And 5 new bloggers showed up: Tom, Yamen, Troubadour (another female blogger, FINALLY), Marouen, and Imed.

What did we talk about?
Many things; we started out by getting to know the new bloggers better, we asked them our traditional questions: how did you start blogging, and why did you choose that specific blog name.
Then Drako got really creative and started asking what the blog represents for each one of us.

Aside from that, we exchanged some technical information, talked about AIDS, language etiquette in blogging, topics most desireable to read in a blog, pre-marital relationships and their spread in the Arabic societies, who are for and against such relationships ;)

Also Adib suggested a very beautiful idea that’s kind of a cultural exchange in the blogosphere by introducing each other to bloggers we know from outside Tunisia. So I’ll do this very soon and will start by Jordan bloggers then other syrian and lebanese bloggers I know. I’ll also introduce the Tunisian bloggers I know to my readers, this way we’ll know more people from all around the globe, specially the Arab world.

The meetup started at 7 p.m., officially ended at 10 p.m., but MMM, Zizou, Yamen, Marwen, Adib and I stayed till 12:30 a.m. talking and talking :) it was so interesting although I sounded as if I came from another world and another time with my weird opinions :)

Anyway, this meetup was the best so far, and I’m sure it’s only getting better in future. I only wished the expats -for whom we set that specific date- and the female Tunisian bloggers would have shown up.
Not to forget the other Tunisian bloggers who were present only in the 1st meetup.
YOU ARE ALL MISSING A LOT! Make sure to be there next time ;)