Monday, May 02, 2005

Support The Right To Difference & Diversity

In an attempt to support Europe’s diversity and protect the right to difference in all aspects of life in France and throughout the European Union a campaign was launched and a written declaration on religious rights and freedoms in France and throughout the European Union was tabled on 21st February by four British MEPs and one French MEP was increasing support across Europe.
The Declaration was endorsed by 47 MEPs representing 14 different countries and has gained substantial support from across the political spectrum. However, the Written Declaration will lapse on May 21st 2005 unless at least half the current MEPs add their signatures thereto.


ProHijab.Net is collecting signatures of Members of the European Union (MEP's) to reverse the hijab ban.
You can take action and send this letter by email to the MEP's on the addresses provided HERE (consider the usage of BCC rather than CC in case you’re sending to more than one member).