Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nobel Laureates Gather in Petra-Jordan

Nobel laureates from across the globe gathered in the ancient Jordanian city of Petra on Wednesday with the lofty goal of seeking solutions to the world's problems.
Over the course of 2 days, the 29 laureates and other leaders will examine and try to find solutions for problems in four main areas, including terror and peace, economic development and poverty, health and environment, and education and media.
Hollywood actor Richard Gere joined Peace Prize winner the Dalai Lama for the illustrious meeting of top thinkers which host King Abdullah II said was aimed at finding a new start for a planet wracked by conflict and poverty.
"The world is at a critical crossroad," the Jordanian monarch said in his opening speech. "A process begins here - a process that all of you will shape - and by your effort, help shape our world." Highlighting the conflict in the Middle East, he said the world needed to make a "new beginning" to create more freedom and opportunity, build peace and expand global cooperation, with a particular focus on youth.
[Source: Middle East Online, Al Ghad (AR)]

Isn’t this just great? I believe Petra is the perfect place for the gathering of great minds…