Thursday, May 05, 2005

Environment-Friendly Jordan :)

A waste-paper recycling campaign that seeks to raise the community's awareness on the importance of collecting waste paper, launched a month ago may be extended throughout the Kingdom due to its success, according to the organisers.
The campaign, carried out by the Friends of the Environment Society (FOE), with financing from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, will cover the entire Kingdom in the near future as soon as the necessary funds are available.
People have responded positively to the project by depositing wastepaper in three recycle bins the FOE has placed around Amman. The bins are located at C-Town supermarkets in the 7th circle, the Amman Mall in Tlaa Al Ali and Shmeisani.
A promotional campaign is being run in Arabic newspapers to spread awareness and encourage people and institutions to recycle wastepaper.
The FOE has created a character named “Abu Tadweer,” to deliver important environmental messages to the public and to advocate wastepaper recycling, and will be painted on wastepaper collection vehicles.
The recycled paper, is turned into calendars, postcards and other products to be sold by FOE.
The society is currently touring the capital's schools to spread awareness among schoolchildren on the importance of recycling waste- paper. A similar workshop will be held soon for representatives of government agencies and departments, a sector that consumes large amounts of paper.
Source: Jordan Times

Isn’t this just GREAT! BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!
I’m so happy!
And I think that environmental characters always work, specially for kids. I mean here in Tunisia they have “Labeeb”. In almost every city, there’s a street called: Environment Street. In that street they have the statues of “Labeeb” implanted in the ground. They paint “Labeeb” on products, brochures and show him on TV :) In Tunis’ Environment Street they even have little “Labeebs” now…
Anyway, I really hope all Arab countries keep spreading environmental awareness and encourage activities that will help preserve the natural resources on our planet.

I really urge you all to take a look at the FOE website: English, and Arabic.