Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Driving In Jordan ;)

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I found this hilarious :D

Actually driving in Jordan isn’t that bad compared to other places. I mean from my personal experience I can say that it’s all a matter of getting used to the driving atmosphere.
For example, my German co-workers in Amman used to always complain about the way people drive in Amman, some even gave up driving, but others got used to Amman and are now driving normally.
Also when I came to Tunisia, I was like: no way I’d EVER drive a car in this country, but look at me now, I can drive, it took a while till I got familiar with the new place, streets, and manual gear, but finally I did it. Yet they tell me that in Libya driving is crazy! Just like I’ve always seen Cairo and Damascus as hopeless cases, but I know that if I spend more time in any place, with a little bit of courage, I’d get used to the driving norms there and things will be just fine.

Of course that doesn’t mean that we –in most of the Arab countries- suck big time in following the rules when it comes to driving, but things are always becoming better. New methods are being applied to improve the way we react to driving rules, to guarantee a safer, more enjoyable ride :)