Monday, May 09, 2005

Al Aqsa VS Revava

It breaks my heart to watch any religious monument being destroyed, specially when the attacks are coming in the name of another religion.
I’ve always believed that religion means tolerance, peace, love and construction, but unfortunately many followers of religions insist in proving the opposite.

Yesterday during the news bulletin I watched an interview with a Palestinian official calling for the protection of Al Aqsa Mosque from the plots of Jewish extremists. I couldn’t tolerate the fact that other religious people are behind the threats to destroy Al Aqsa (Temple Mount). But then again, I remembered that what’s happening to Al Aqsa now has happened to Palestine long time ago when Israel had to be “re-built” as a state, on the land of Palestine, just because “it has always belonged to Jews ages ago”.
I mean if it’s justified for Israelis to occupy Palestine, erase its history, cross out its culture and make it a brand new country built on the blood and ruins of other people who had their own lives and work, then I guess no one should have any objection to any other population attacking a country of their choice and turning it into their own based on religious, historical or cultural claims!
The problem is, no one denies the fact that Palestine is a holy land, the land of the 3 religions, and all religion followers should live there in peace. No one says Jews should not live there, but when they live there, they should live with other Christians and Muslims, in peace. Each performing their own religion, respecting each other and working hand in hand to build a healthy society.
But extremism –no matter of what religion- goes beyond the normal standards of a peaceful life and never stops finding its way to destruction, and even worse, justifying that destruction with silly, horrible excuses, and doing that in the name of religion.
I’ve watched many Jews, very religious, talk about Al Aqsa and proving that there’s no need whatsoever for Jews to destroy it, supporting their talks with historical and religious facts, as well as many studies and never ending research.
But even if we disregard those who are against destroying Al Aqsa, is it really religious to destroy other religious monuments? Does it serve the noble goal of any religion to destroy something that belongs to other people? Are the results going to be more of positive or negative ones?

I believe it’s about time we draw the end line to destruction, war and injustice, and try for once to follow logic and commonsense. Let’s try to save what’s left to be saved!