Monday, May 23, 2005

2nd Tunisian Bloggers Meetup: Simply AWESOME!

So yesterday was the second Tunisian bloggers meetup. We were supposed to meet at 7, MMM and I made sure we go there earlier enough to get a good place and be the first to welcome others :) It was 7:30 and still no body showed up, so we thought to ourselves: ok, looks like we’re the only ones who’d actually be present at the meetup :P We thought it was a sign for a big failure of this meetup, but then the bloggers started coming one by one, till we were 9 and a guest. It was GREAT!

We talked and talked and talked, it was just amazing. We had serious talks and funny talks, from blogging in general, to the Tunisian blogosphere in specific, to homosexuality, to personal limits and etiquettes, to sources of inspiration, to the rapid growth of the blogging phenomena in Tunisia, what we like the most in each others blogs and many other extremely interesting topics. There were times when I felt I couldn’t take the laughter, it was beautiful.

First we were gathered in the Sidi Bou Said port café, after a while a blogger and his guest left, leaving 8 bloggers in the meetup. When it got really cold we thought we’d go to a warmer place, so we moved to another café and the meetup went on till 11:30 p.m., if it wasn’t a work day the day after and wasn’t that cold, I’m sure we would’ve stayed even longer.
I just hoped others would show up, it was one hell of a meetup, I LOVED IT! I enjoyed every second of it.

There’s also a progress, another female Tunisian blogger was present: La Blogeuse, it was great knowing her, and I wish other lady bloggers will join in the coming meetups.

In short, I personally believe that the 2nd meetup was a BIG SUCCESS! And I thank MMM for organizing it, and thank all the bloggers who showed up even though many had a very busy day, and I thank all for making this meetup such a great chance for us to talk, discuss and know each other better, in an extremely respectful and friendly atmosphere.
And I also hope that others who didn’t show up, will be present at the coming meetups :)

Check out the pictures here!