Friday, April 01, 2005

Work Diaries (20): Highlights from my weird work-sphere!

  • I Drive?

  • The other day my boss went on a 1day business trip. It was perfect, no one nagging at me, no one annoying me, it was simply beautiful.
    After work, I went home, prepared dinner, watched a bit TV then went to pick up my husband. While waiting for him, I was looking around at the beautiful sky, thinking of the peaceful day I had at the office, couldn’t be better!
    I decided to turn on the radio to listen to some music.. beautiful music! Great melodies, then suddenly an ugly voice interrupted: Eman! You drive? When did you get your license?
    I look to the source of that familiar voice… not a day can pass by without being blessed with his face!!! Yep, my one and only boss!!
    I stepped out of the car.
    Eman: I have my license ages ago, it’s just that I didn’t drive in Tunisia because I didn’t know the place very well, and needed some time to adapt. Been driving since months. Anyway, didn’t know you’d be here.
    Boss: Yeah, came to check my emails.
    Eman: great!
    (he started talking to me about work and what we’ll need to do tomorrow…)
    Eman: no worries, things will be fine.
    Boss: you drive?! I still can’t believe it!
    (I felt like a stupid little teenager who had her driving license 2 days ago)
    Eman: (smile)
    Boss: Ok. Till tomorrow then!
    Eman: Bye… See you tomorrow.

    Boss: (On his way to his car) Eman drives in Tunisia?! Can’t believe it.

    *Next Day In The Office:
    Boss: So how is driving.
    Eman: fine, fine, not that big deal really, I used to drive before as I told you before.

    Half an hour later I go to discuss a fax with him.
    After we’re done talking about the fax:
    Boss: be careful, they drive like crazy here…. And watch out for the traffic…and…and…
    Eman: thanks for the advice.

    *The Day After:
    Eman: Boss, I need your authorization for this shipment, sign here please.
    Boss: ok. (he signs).
    Eman: Thanks.
    (before I go out of his office)
    Boss: so how is driving in the crazy streets out there?
    Eman: (smile)

    *And up till this moment:
    He keeps asking and every time he asks I feel like I’ll smash my skull against the wall! How can I get him to forget the minute he saw me behind the wheel!!!

  • Password Mania

  • At work we need to change the password of our pc’s every 35 days. Every new password you create should be different than the last 15 ones you had.
    Of course, the longer you stay, the harder it is for you to find new passwords, unless you’re the creative type… which obviously I’m not!
    And to make sure you DON’T forget to change your password, there is this “password alert” system that keeps annoying the hell out of you till you finally give up –or have no choice- and change your password.
    The alert starts its countdown 12 days before the expiry date: “your password expires in 12 days, would you like to change it now?” I always click: NO, because I want to keep the old one for as long as possible and try avoid squeezing my brains out to pick a new one. So the misery continues: “your password expires in 11 days, would you like to change it now?”… NO…. 10 days, NO, 9 days, NO, 8 days, NO, 7 days, NO,NO. NOOOOOOO… until the final alert pops up: “your password has already expired, please change your password NOW!”
    Last month I ran completely out of words, so I ended up with the stupidest password ever: “enoughwiththepasswordsalready”

  • The Business Card

  • The other day I had an appointment with the manager of a company we started dealing with currently. As usual, I was there 15 minutes earlier. I met the secretary and gave her my personal info.
    Eman: I’m Eman, from …. I have an appointment with Mr…. here’s my business card.
    Secretary: (she looks at the business card) what did you say your name was?
    Eman: it’s Eman. You have it on my business card.
    Secretary: Ah, I see. Ok take a seat please Ms.Mouna.
    Eman: sorry, it’s Eman not Mouna, and I’m married by the way.
    Secretary: sorry, ok, you’ll need to wait a bit, he’s still in a meeting.
    Eman: no problem.

    The secretary gives her boss a ring:
    Secretary: there’s a Mrs.Emna, waiting for you, she says she has an appointment.
    (She hangs up and looks at me): ok, just 5 minutes.
    Eman: Ok, but I guess you didn’t get my name right, it’s Eman, not Emna.
    Secretary: ah, ok.
    She writes something and then asks: so Mrs. Amina, where is your company located?
    Eman: it’s in…. and well, you seem to have a difficulty with my name although it’s a very popular name: EMAN!

    5 minutes later:
    Secretary: Mrs. Amani, sorry I mean Emani, you can get in now.
    (I really couldn’t control my temper)
    Eman: what’s your problem? I told you more than once that my name is EMAN, simple and clear: E, M, A, N! And I gave you my business card, isn’t that why business cards are created? Why can’t you simply call me by my name?!!

    I get in to meet the manager, I say hi and introduce myself and then give him my business card. He says: So Mrs. Emaneme, give me your company offer. And what a lovely name! What does it mean? Emaneme?!!

    Honestly, shouldn’t I shoot myself this time?!