Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Turn Off TV, Turn On Life…

How am I spending my time these days? Ah, don’t remind me PLEASE!
I work work work, go home, housework/cooking, and when the clock ticks 8 I’m too exhausted to do anything but throw myself on the couch get something tasty and watch TV till I drop asleep!
Result: stressed lifestyle, laziness becoming my middle name, and well, routine. I was thinking the other day that one of the biggest obstacles in the way of having a healthier and more active lifestyle is being addicted to TV and movies. So I finally succeeded in convincing my husband to overcome his movie obsession and rent less movies. But TV remains a big problem, I can’t beat it, I truly LOVE watching TV. And just when I was about to lose hope in getting over my TV addiction, I found this:


A great link I got via Subzero Blue that is both informative and helpful.

Founded in 1994, TV-Turnoff Network is dedicated to the belief that people have the power to determine the role that television plays in their own lives, and that they can succeed in turning off TV to have more time for their families, friends, and for themselves.
Their 2 main programs are: TV-Turnoff Week, and More Reading, Less TV: a four week program that helps elementary school teachers motivate their students to put down their remote controls and pick up books instead.


Good luck trying to break freeeeeeeeeeeeeee of TV ;)