Monday, April 04, 2005

Tunisian Blogger Meetup

Yep, a Tunisian Blogger Meetup will take place really soon.
Well, I’m not a Tunisian Blogger, but I’m a blogger in Tunisia and married to a Tunisian Blogger, so sure I’ll be there and benefit from this chance to meet other Tunisian Bloggers.
I met few already, and I’m looking forward to meet the rest.
It’s a shame though that other great Tunisian Bloggers wont be there because they reside outside Tunisia, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to gather and meet.

So after Subzero Blue sent all members of the Tunisian Blogger Meetup Group an email informing them of a coming meetup this month and asking for suggestions, he finally announced the initial time and places suggested for this month’s meetup based on the replies he got.

  • Time: 7:30PM on April 22nd.

  • Places suggested:
    - Downtown Tunis (e.g. L'Etoile du nord).
    - Les Berges du Lac (e.g. Biwa)
    - Sidi Bou Said (e.g. Sidi Chabaane Café)

  • As said, these are initial suggestions he got from the members. If anyone has other suggestions, please leave a comment to MMM HERE!

    Also please keep in mind that the meetup is to gather a big number of bloggers, and it’s impossible to find a timing that will suit all members, therefore try to be as objective as possible and consider it a priority for which you are willing to change other personal plans.
    MMM posted the suggestions now so that all members will have the time to prepare themselves and have their plans organized accordingly.

    Finally, I’m so excited and believe this meetup will be a great chance to get to know each other more :)