Monday, April 04, 2005

Support Mohammad!


Other than the radiation facility used to scan Palestinians at a check point in Rafah, there are other incursions the Palestinians in that area suffer from. Cancerous Radiations may be the least of their problem, a lot of them won't live long enough to see it's effects anyways...
Rafah Today is run by Mohammad Omar, a photo journalist living in Rafah. His site includes photos and articles written about his hometown: the community, the demolitions, the children, the camps, and the everyday tragedies.

He has taken some of the most stunning photos you have ever seen.
What is amazing about them is that each photo has a story to tell. They are not taken by some random TIME magazine photographer looking for a hefty bonus, Mohammad has a personal connection with the people and their tragedies, he is a part of this community. He knows the stories of the people made homeless by the occupation. And all the homes that were demolished. Including his own!
In fact, his story is entwined with his community's...

"October 1st: Mohammed's younger brother Issam was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital about a week ago. His leg was amputated and he is undergoing medical treatment. And on October 18: Mohammad's younger brother, Hussam Al-Mouhagir [17 yrs old], was killed by the Israeli army today. Hussam was sitting at home when he was shot in the face, chest, back, legs. He had nothing to do with any violent or even political movement. Hussam's crime is that he was a Palestinian".

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Via: The Black Iris