Monday, April 18, 2005

Remember Palestinian Prisoners

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Yesterday was the Palestinian Prisoner Day. The Palestinian Prisoner who is suffering the worst treatment any prisoner could get, who is being denied the basic rights of a human being, and who is being trapped in prison for no crime. Yes, many Palestinian prisoners are thrown in prison just for the heck of it.
It doesn’t matter whether guilty or not, a child or not, handicapped or not, paralysed or not; suspicion is enough to throw whoever is Palestinian in prison till they rot. Even if suspicion wasn’t present, excuses could simply be made to justify taking away the freedom of a Palestinian. After all, the world is watching, and no one seems to be having a problem with innocent people thrown in prison, even if they were harmless children!
According to data collect by the Department of Planning and Census at the Ministry of Detainees and Liberated, 177 Palestinian detainees died in Israeli prisons since 1967, 69 of them died of torture. The data revealed that 37 detainees died of medical neglect, 70 died during interrogation and torture, 55 detainees died over the last four and a half years.
Here are few examples of the Torture of Palestinian Prisoners.
The last detainee who died in detention was Rasem Suleiman Ghneimat, from Kafer Malik near Ramallah, died January 27, 2005, after fire broke out in Majeddo detention, detention facilities lacks first aid materials or fire distinguishing tools.

Other than that, Israeli prisons lack cleaning materials, and disinfectants, in addition to the bad ventilation and sewerage systems. They’re also filled with insects, bugs and cockroaches. The administration is neglecting the Palestinians’ demands of receiving cleaning materials in order to clean their rooms.
The Palestinian Prisoners Society revealed that Israeli arrested in 2004, 63 females, from several Palestinian areas, among them wives of detainees and residents who were killed by the army. Also, soldiers arrested 14 girls under the age of 18; the youngest two female detainees are Hiba Yaghmour, 14, who was also shot and wounded when she was arrested on February, 26, 2005, and Ghada Saber Abu Hmeid, 14, from Hebron, who was arrested on September, 5, 2004.
By the beginning of 2005, 129 female detainees were imprisoned in Israeli prisons and detention facilities, currently there are 120 female detainees, including 13 mothers, and 23 underage; 15 female detainees are sick and need medical attention AND ARE BEING ATTACKED REPEATEDLY BY ISRAELIS!
Stop the Medical neglect, Stop the torture, and release the innocent Palestinians who have committed no crimes to be thrown in prison! Free the children and the under-aged!
This is an appeal to the international community and the International Red Cross to interfere and impose pressures over the prison authorities to carry out the needed procedures to fight the disease and improve their living conditions and save 20 child detainees imprisoned and facing harsh living conditions and treatment.

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