Friday, April 15, 2005

Draw A Smile With "Garbage"


I’m one of the people who hate throwing away things that can still be used. I suck at selling them, although some are really in good shape and can get me good money. So I end up giving them to those who are in need. Which is, in my opinion, better than all the money in the world. Helping poor people with things you don’t need anymore brings such a joy and happiness that can’t be brought with money. It’s such a bless!

But many people have difficulties finding people -whether poor or not- who might need their used stuff, and for this reason the Internet has provided a great way to get rid of old stuff in form of help for others.
Instead of simply throwing away stuff you don’t need, you might change the world by giving your stuff to FreeCycle, as long as your stuff is legal and put there for free and not for financial interest.
According to FreeCycle, sometimes people give away valuable things such as fridges and TV’s. And when there is more than one person who needs your stuff, it’s up to you to decide who should get it.

I think this is really great, you get rid of stuff you don’t need, give it to someone who needs it, at the same time you help reduce waste, which is better for the environment, so everybody’s happy. It's just like you're giving them gifts, I really love the idea :)

Via: Environment News(AR)