Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cool Links!

Frankly, I can’t keep up with the great links Subzero Blue is providing on daily basis. They really are great. I thought the following three are really cool and worth sharing, not that others are bad, but if I want to list all the links I liked AquaCool wont take it ;)
  • Knife Skills (in cooking that is :P): “Good knife skills are a combination of knowledge and practice—the knowledge of which knives to use for which tasks, the knowledge of how to hold and move a knife, the knowledge of how various foods are structurally composed, and many other little bits of knowledge. But being thoroughly indoctrinated with knowledge will mean little if not accompanied by lots of practice. Like any other skill, speed and competence come with practice.” Learn how to cut fruits & vegetables the right way. It’s amazing and provides an illustrated set of instructions on cutting methods for right- and left-handed people.
  • Smileys On Cats!: Ever wondered how would Smileys look on cats? take a look, you’ll LOVE IT! Lol…
  • How to Destroy Earth!: methods that will guide you to the way of destroying planet Earth…lol, a really cool link!
Hope you like them!