Friday, April 29, 2005

Work Diaries (23) : Damn Reservations!

Reservations! They’re supposed to be the means of saving people hours of waiting for an available table, saving them the embarrassment of finding no place on a special occasion, and most important of all, they’re supposed to guarantee a respectful service to customers and insure the positive cooperation of the place.

In my case, reservations have never served the purpose they’re meant to serve, and instead of simplifying things, they always complicated everything for me.
I really don’t know whether it’s coincidence, bad luck or what exactly that succeeds in making me suffer from restaurant reservations.

Anyway, here are some examples of my reservation nightmares…

1. I would like to make a reservation, PLEASE!
Eman: Hi, I would like to make a reservation for 5 people at 1:00 p.m.
Waiter: Ok, under what name?
Eman: …….
Waiter: How many people?
Eman: 5
Waiter: Done, 5 people under (….) for dinner
Eman: no, lunch, today at 1 p.m.
Waiter: Ok. Today, 1 p.m. (…), 2 people! Bye
(He hung up, I redial)
Eman: Hi, I just called concerning today’s reservation.
Waiter: Under what name?
Eman: (….)
Waiter: how many people?
Eman: I just called a minute ago, today (….) 1 p.m., FIVE people!
Waiter: Ah, remembered you, didn’t you say 2?
Eman: that’s why I’m calling again. It’s 5.
Waiter: ifff, ok, 5.
Eman: confirmed?
Waiter: YES!
(hung up)

At 1 p.m. my boss calls:
Boss: Eman, there is no reservation for us! Did you forget?
Eman: that’s impossible, put the waiter on.
Waiter: I have absolutely no idea about a reservation for them.
Eman: but I called this morning and everything was confirmed!! How come!
Waiter: sorry but we exchange shifts, so morning shifts are different than noon!
Eman: WHAT!! And why are reservations made for?
Waiter: so that you call and make a resrvation!
Eman: This is what I DID!
Waiter: you called in the wrong time!
(And my boss ended up hating me for the embarrassing situation and went on looking for another restaurant!)

2. Later please…
Eman: Hi, I’m calling to make a reservation.
Waiter: ok, let me take your details.
Eman: Reservation for (….), 3 people,…
Waiter: Wait a sec I don’t have a pen.
Eman: Ok, I’ll wait for you to get one.
Waiter: there are no pens on my desk.
Eman: ok I’ll hold till you go get one.
Waiter: I’m not going to look for A pen, just call later.
(and he HUNG UP)

3. No Answer…
Eman: Hi, I’d like to make a reservation please.
Waiter: …(silent)
Eman: Hello?! Can you hear me?
Waiter: yes, I can.
Eman: great, are there available places for dinner?
Waiter:…(silent again)
Eman: Coz I want to make a damn reservation.
Waiter: …(silent again)
Eman: This is so unbelievable, would you put on someone I can talk to?
...Toot, toot, toot, toot...
(obviously, he hung up)

4. Not in the mood…
Eman: Hi, I’d like to make a reservation.
Waiter: do you know what time it is?
Eman: 11 a.m.
Waiter: why the hell are you calling that early?
Eman: Sorry?
Waiter: ring me back again in 2 hours, what are you people, don’t you have manners?!
(and… he hung up)

5. Louder!
Eman: can I make a reservation for 2 tonight?
Waiter: What? Can you speak louder?
Eman: (in a louder tone) I would like to make a reservation for 2!
Waiter: WHAT?! I can’t hear you! LOUDER!
Eman: (in a “louderer” ;P tone)……….
(and he HUNG UP)

6. I give up…
Eman: Hi, are there available places for today’s lunch.
Waiter: Sure. How many people?
Eman: 2
Waiter: contact number please
Eman: (……)
Waiter: what’s the name?
Eman: (……)
Waiter: WHAT!
Eman: (…..)
Eman: It’s a foreign name, our company name. I’ll spell it for you, ok!
Waiter: yes please, do me a favor.
Eman: … (I spell the name, which is a bit long, I admit)
Waiter: What the hell? Forget about it, it’s too complicated and I can’t even pronounce it, look for another place you and your complicated company!

And he… ??

Yep, he hung up…

For Tennis Lovers

Our friend Mo designed Tennis Tips, a fantastic site to teach you the fundamentals and right techniques of tennis.
The site is rich in video demonstrations as well as images and text instructions to take you step by step through the process of learning the game. So whether a visual learner or not, Tennis Tips will offer you a convenient learning method.
The site is wonderful, it’s very informative and user-friendly. Mo has put a lot of time, effort and experience in it for tennis lovers to enjoy, learn and improve.

My husband and I are already enjoying this project and can’t wait for our next Tennis match to apply what we’re learning ;)

Check it out guys, you’ll love it!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

SpamShirt :)

null wurde gegründet, um einen Nutzen für Spam zu finden. Spamshirt hat sich dazu eine einzigartige Lösung gefunden: Die Umwandlung von ärgerlichen und sinnlosen Spam-Nachrichten in einen Ausdruck von Persönlichkeit und Style.
SpamShirt nimmt Spam und drückt ihn auf ein Shirt. Aber nicht auf irgendein altes Shirt – Spamshirt bietet ein Angebot von bequemen und stylischen Baumwollshirts und garantiert, dass übler Spam in qualitativ hochstehende Mode transformiert wird.
Hier können Sie auch mehrere Anwendungen von Spam in Poesie, Lieder, und Karikaturen geniessen.


  • English for the Curious :) was created out of a determination to find a use for spam, the curse of the inbox. Spamshirt came up with a unique solution: a way of recycling irritating, useless spam messages into an expression of personality and style.
    They take spam, and print it on a shirt. In the process, Spamshirt is cleaning up the online environment - recycling useless spam into something practical and stylish.
    Spamshirt uses a range of comfortable, stylish cotton shirts to ensure cheap, nasty spam is transformed into quality fashion items, turning spam into glam.
    Also check other links of “spam-recycling” using spam for poetry, songs and cartoons... cool!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Turn Off TV, Turn On Life…

How am I spending my time these days? Ah, don’t remind me PLEASE!
I work work work, go home, housework/cooking, and when the clock ticks 8 I’m too exhausted to do anything but throw myself on the couch get something tasty and watch TV till I drop asleep!
Result: stressed lifestyle, laziness becoming my middle name, and well, routine. I was thinking the other day that one of the biggest obstacles in the way of having a healthier and more active lifestyle is being addicted to TV and movies. So I finally succeeded in convincing my husband to overcome his movie obsession and rent less movies. But TV remains a big problem, I can’t beat it, I truly LOVE watching TV. And just when I was about to lose hope in getting over my TV addiction, I found this:


A great link I got via Subzero Blue that is both informative and helpful.

Founded in 1994, TV-Turnoff Network is dedicated to the belief that people have the power to determine the role that television plays in their own lives, and that they can succeed in turning off TV to have more time for their families, friends, and for themselves.
Their 2 main programs are: TV-Turnoff Week, and More Reading, Less TV: a four week program that helps elementary school teachers motivate their students to put down their remote controls and pick up books instead.


Good luck trying to break freeeeeeeeeeeeeee of TV ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Foetal Therapy!

If you’re enjoying a meal, or on your way to prepare one, I truly advise you not to read this post unless you’re done eating/ cooking. It’s really disgusting.

Thanks to BerlinBear from Pourquoi Pas, I knew yet another terrible action which proves how cheap humanity has become, revealing the sick mentalities and guilt-free criminal minds that are showing up in our time, the time when desires beat conscious, when people forget morals, and when humans are slaves for good looks and money.

Every time I try to post this I feel really sick, but I believe more people should know this, who knows, maybe a serious act will be taken against these terrible violations of laws, these disgusting acts that hurt and destroy us all as humans with brains and emotions… it's all summed up with one phrase: "foetal therapy".

Here you go the explanation, “enjoy”:
“Aborted foetuses from girls and young women are being exported from Ukraine for use in illegal beauty treatments costing thousands of pounds. The foetuses are cryogenically frozen and sold to clinics offering 'youth injections', claiming to rejuvenate skin and cure a raft of diseases.
It is thought that women in the former Soviet republic are being paid £100 a time to persuade them to have abortions and allow their foetuses to be used in treatments. Most of the foetuses are sold in Russia for up to £5,000 each. Some are paid extra to have abortions late in their pregnancy.
Ukrainian law allows an aborted human foetus to be passed to research institutes if the woman involved consents and her anonymity is protected. But police say staff at state health institutions are selling them to private clinics offering illegal therapy.
Beauty salons in Moscow that buy the aborted material to provide 'foetal therapy' are flourishing, despite a Russian ban on all commercial treatments using human cells other than bone marrow. The salons offer injections of stem cells, the undivided cells present in embryos that can adapt into any kind of tissue, although they are still at the trial stage worldwide.
Abortions performed more than 12 weeks into a pregnancy are restricted in Ukraine. Older foetuses fetch extra because their curative powers are thought to be greater.
The woman would be paid to wait until a late stage of her pregnancy, or might never even know she was duped. Her aborted foetus would be passed to a middle-man or institution, which would cut it into separate organs before placing these in storage. The material was then sold and taken abroad.
Beauty courses of injections using blends of foetal cells are banned in Ukraine and Russia, but they are widely available in salons that charge up to £10,000. Wealthy clients are told the treatment can stop the ageing process, or eliminate such debilitating conditions as Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's. One fashionable Moscow clinic approached by The Observer promised to 'take 10 years off your face'”.

[Source: The Observer]

So women have no problem aborting their babies, or even going through the risks of late abortion just for money. And rich airheads don’t mind getting foetal injections for their silly treatments. And beauty salons have absolutely no problem offering these illegal treatments as long as they’re getting paid a fortune!!
What time are we living? This is so inhuman, so disgusting, and extremely SICK!

Monday, April 25, 2005

New University In Jordan

I was watching the news on JTV, and my oh my!!!

The German government is going to fund the foundation of a German-Jordanian University in Jordan for Applied Sciences and Higher Education.

People of Jordan: YOU ARE SO SO LUCKY!!!

Eman Of AquaCool: YOU ARE SO DAMN UNLUCKY!!! :(

Why didn’t they do this while I was still living in Jordan! AAAAAAAAAH!!!

Well enough with regrets, now seriously, this is a great chance for the Jordanian youth. The material taught will be adjusted to suit the Jordanian market demands to guarantee employment chances for graduates.

Anyway, that’s all I know for now, and it’s enough to cheer up German language Department students in Jordanian universities and all those who were wishing to go to Germany to get a degree but couldn’t afford it!

Way to go! And thank you so much Germany!

My Cute Nickname

I was having my daily tour in the blogosphere and came across Nickname-O-Matic via: Sabbah.

I tried it out, and this is the nickname they gave me: The Electric Angel.

I like that :)

Try it out too, it’s fun!

1st Tunisian Meetup Was A Success!

So we finally had the first Tunisian meetup, how was it? It was GREAT!
I must admit I was a bit afraid it’d turn out to be a disappointment, since we don’t all know each other, and I was worried not to understand anything in case they spoke nothing but French, and was afraid there would be no positive reaction and only few would show up. But I was so wrong. The meetup was awesome. We were 16 all in all, few preferred speaking French all the time but I understood most of it and was able to keep on track ;) I usually speak my own dialect when I know the people around me would understand it, but when I get to a point where faces around me look really confused I’d immediately use the Tunisian synonyms to explain :D So there was no understanding problems.
Everyone was easy going, we talked about many topics, from pure technical stuff (something I have no idea about) to personal backgrounds, work, blogging motivations, favorite blogs, difficulties we face while blogging, funny experiences… etc.
We also talked about the popularity of blogging in Tunisia, and that -like many other Arab countries- the word blog is still a big question mark!
We discussed how non-bloggers think of blogging as a waste of time, and shared the ways blogging changed us in the way we think, we write, we pick topics, and many things.
We talked about the role of blogging in spreading awareness, clearing the picture of certain issues and how it helps shed a light on one’s country.

First when Subzero Blue and I got to the meetup place, we found many people, we kept staring at everyone hoping we’ll find a way to recognize the bloggers, we spotted a table with some bloggers (we knew them coz they were friends of Subzero Blue) and head straight there. We were 6 at first, 4 bloggers, my husband and I. Then the meetup started getting bigger and bigger till we reached 16!! We kept adding chairs and joining tables till we finally settled :) It was great! We kept talking and talking, asking, replying, laughing, and the best part was: introducing our blogs all over again every time a new blogger joined ;) that was amazing :P

  • Bloggers I already know very well were: of course my one and only Subzero Blue, the meetup organizer, and Waleg.
  • Bloggers I somehow knew (friends of Subzero Blue): Evil Drako, Pensées Perdus, Phoenix Dev, Jaz In The City.
  • Bloggers I didn’t know at all: Adibs1, Zizou from Djerba, Infinity, Mouse Hunter, Chikipi, Whispers.

  • The only thing I wished would be different is the female participation! Other than me, there was my friend (a Jordanian) who’s married to a Tunisian too :) They represented Waleg. But they couldn’t stay for long so I was the only female blogger almost all the time, until Infinity joined in :) I was hoping others would show up specially Jihène, I don’t know her, but she seemed really interested and wanted to come. But well, maybe next time!

    The meetup continued for 3 hours, and we enjoyed every second of it. Plus the strawberry juice I ordered was out of this world :)

    I really wish to meet the rest of the Tunisian bloggers, and can’t wait to meet the Jordanian bloggers as well.
    I also hope one day I’ll get to meet all the ones on my bloglist :)

    Friday, April 22, 2005

    Interview With An Israeli Activist

    Jonathan Pollak is an Israeli activist who grew up in Tel Aviv and lives in Jaffa. He has been involved in non-violent direct action in the West Bank for the last two-and-a-half years, participating in more than 200 protests with Palestinians in the West Bank with the Israeli non-violent direct action group Anarchists Against the Wall and with the International Solidarity Movement. On April 3, 2005 an Israeli soldier shot Jonathan in the head with a teargas canister from an M-16 from a distance of approximately thirty meters at a peaceful protest against the Wall.

    In an interview by telephone on 7 April 2005, Jonathan Pollak said :
    “Palestinians are protesting, and others with them, against the theft of their land, against the steps the Israeli government and Israeli army are taking to make their lives impossible — basically to commit a quiet ethnic cleansing. They are making life so impossible that people have to leave and the border areas near the Green Line are being emptied of Palestinians. The Israeli government is constructing the Wall in a way that is making enclaves of the West Bank and rendering a Palestinian state impossible.Jonathan Pollak -

    [Via: Je Blog]

    Mawlid Nabawi Mubarak

    So yesterday was the Mawlid Nabawi (or the Mouled as it’s said in some dialects) which marks the birth of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). I wish all Muslims of the world had a blessed Mawlid… 1 day late, but I had no time to blog yesterday ;)
    Like all Muslim occasions, the goal is to remember events, celebrate them by keeping in touch with families, getting closer to religion and helping others in any way possible. It was never about partying all night long, or spending big amounts of money or any selfish, or materialistic perspective.
    And like all occasions, Mawlid is celebrated in different ways across the Muslim world. One of the traditions that come along this occasion is preparing something sweet and sharing it with close ones and families. Each country chooses something specific to prepare, or simply prepare any kind of sweets, nothing special. Point is, celebrating in a close kind of way.

    Yet in Tunisia, there’s this kind of sweet that is specially prepared for the occasion of Mawlid, you hardly find it in other times of the year. It’s called: Assida. An extremely delicious Tunisian delicacy prepared with something called: Zgougou, a very cute name for the black seeds of a Pine-like tree. I think that tree is called: Sarw in Arabic (Sarwel in Tunisian). And what shocks me is the fact that these trees are available in the Middle East in big quantities, yet I’ve never seen Zgougou being eaten in any other country but Tunisia, and for that I love Tunisians :) I think all countries that have these trees should start eating those little seeds!
    This is a picture of how Assida looks when it’s done:

    Anyway, when I first came to Tunisia and Mawlid came, I knew they cook this Assida, but I didn’t know how should it taste in the end, should it be more of a liquid or a solid sweet! So I simply followed a book of Tunisian Cuisine and the result was somehow fine for a first time, it was a bit too sweet and a bit too dry. Anyway, on that day I tasted Assida prepared by Tunisians and knew how it should be. So next year I was determined to make it right, problem was Tunisia had a shortage in Zgougou because most of the trees were ruined by excess waters. So I couldn’t prepare Assida.
    But this year, I was determined more than ever, I mean being married to a Tunisian, living in Tunisia and loving this delicacy are enough reasons for me to feel ashamed of myself for not making it right. So when I left work, I went to buy the stuff I need, got back home and started the party ;) I enjoyed every little bit of the preparation although I was alone and dead tired!
    First I grounded the seeds bit by bit with my coffee grounder :) Then I started mixing and squeezing the seeds in water, added flour, cooked it, struggled to keep it smooth….etc. (Here are some illustrated steps(FR), but I used different ingredients and there are some differences in the method of cooking, so this is just to give a general idea).
    In short, it took me 4 hours to prepare it and cook it! After I was done I realized I forgot to bring the nuts and other ingredients used to decorate, so I went to Carrefour around 9:30 p.m. and got what I needed.
    I was so afraid that my efforts will go down the drain, but my husband (a big fan of Assida) gave me his quality-control certification, and I passed with honor ;) Not only this, but my mother in law, of course a professional in Tunisian cooking, loved it :)
    So yes I’m so happy, so proud, and my efforts paid off. Now I made sure I can cook the hardest recipes of the Tunisian cuisine and they will taste really good :)
    I love cooking…
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  • Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    Children, Oh Poor Children

    This morning on my way to work, I couldn’t but taste the bitterness of life as I saw a little child (around the age of 8) working that early, in a mechanic shop. One arm burdened with a heavy roll of large wires, while his hand is rolling the rest of loose wires on the ground, his hair puffed with dust, his clothes stamped with car oil and his feet barely keeping the balance, but his face… a very weird mixture of joy, fear, desperation and exhaustion. Joy for having the chance to watch children his age, clean, happy, active, ambitious, laughing in groups while walking their way to the neighborhood school right across the street. He pictures himself doing the same one day, holding his own books, having his own friends, entering the neighborhood school. Mixed with fear of being caught looking at the children and not the wires, caught by the young man in the back watching him… the shop owner most probably.
    With a sudden desperation for realizing that his hopeful dreams may never come true, his future has been determined the minute he set foot in that mechanic shop…and… exhaustion. Working all day long, doing a job designed for those with tougher bodies, older people, those who have completed their education and decided to do this for a living out of passion for the career, or, out of lack of other choices. But wait, what if those older ones were just like him. Children getting no chance to be like others, worrying about the money they’ll earn in the end of each day to feed their starving stomachs, pay the rent for their families, get medicine and simple basic things.
    What if the owner watching sees the reflection of his childhood in that hard working boy! It means generations have been wasted, many are being wasted, and more will be wasted in future.
    Whether forced by someone or by miserable circumstances,whether his boss is harsh or gentle, what hurts me the most is the fact that this boy- like many others- is missing a lot just for being him. If he was born to rich parents, he wont miss anything, and if he does, it’ll be his own choice, because he doesn’t have to worry about money…

    Child labour, such a myth. On one hand, we know that poor families can’t afford giving a normal childhood to their kids, and may not survive if the kids stopped working. But on the other hand, we can’t but feel sorry for their wasted childhood, who cannot be called childhood any longer, for they’ve skipped the careless stage to find themselves holding big serious responsibilities.
    Knowing their condition, it’s not fair to force them to stop work, and it’s so wrong to watch them continue wasting their lives…

    If we weren’t so self-centred, no child would waste his childhood, and if he had to work, he’ll do lighter jobs, after he’s done with his school. In a better world, poor families will get aid, they wont be left to struggle alone, while others drive their fancy cars and look for new designer clothes to replace the ones they got last month.
    But unfortunately our world sucks big time! Child labour is at its peak. Child traffic is growing, and child abuse is common practise!
    Not only this, but parents have reached an unbelievable level of using their children, a level where they’re ready to RENT their children in return of money! (link via: Subzero Blue). Yes, anything for money, anything for satisfying our cheap and filthy desires! Worst part is: we find excuses and we always convince ourselves and others that we’re doing the right thing!

    I can’t get the picture of that boy out of my head, I can still see his hesitant smile, his tired face, and his little body standing the weight and the hard work. But what good would that do him and everyone in his situation? NOTHING!
    This post remains a set of words, his picture in my mind remains a bitter shot, and his suffering will continue, everyday, he will be happy, afraid, desperate and exhausted. And everyday in that shop will add few cents to his pocket, and steal away years of his future…

    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    Work Diaries (22): A Message… On Snow

    Click Here for today's diary.

    Thanks to BaptizedLucifer for introducing Yellow Snow.

    Cool Links!

    Frankly, I can’t keep up with the great links Subzero Blue is providing on daily basis. They really are great. I thought the following three are really cool and worth sharing, not that others are bad, but if I want to list all the links I liked AquaCool wont take it ;)
    • Knife Skills (in cooking that is :P): “Good knife skills are a combination of knowledge and practice—the knowledge of which knives to use for which tasks, the knowledge of how to hold and move a knife, the knowledge of how various foods are structurally composed, and many other little bits of knowledge. But being thoroughly indoctrinated with knowledge will mean little if not accompanied by lots of practice. Like any other skill, speed and competence come with practice.” Learn how to cut fruits & vegetables the right way. It’s amazing and provides an illustrated set of instructions on cutting methods for right- and left-handed people.
    • Smileys On Cats!: Ever wondered how would Smileys look on cats? take a look, you’ll LOVE IT! Lol…
    • How to Destroy Earth!: methods that will guide you to the way of destroying planet Earth…lol, a really cool link!
    Hope you like them!

    Monday, April 18, 2005

    Remember Palestinian Prisoners

    null null

    Yesterday was the Palestinian Prisoner Day. The Palestinian Prisoner who is suffering the worst treatment any prisoner could get, who is being denied the basic rights of a human being, and who is being trapped in prison for no crime. Yes, many Palestinian prisoners are thrown in prison just for the heck of it.
    It doesn’t matter whether guilty or not, a child or not, handicapped or not, paralysed or not; suspicion is enough to throw whoever is Palestinian in prison till they rot. Even if suspicion wasn’t present, excuses could simply be made to justify taking away the freedom of a Palestinian. After all, the world is watching, and no one seems to be having a problem with innocent people thrown in prison, even if they were harmless children!
    According to data collect by the Department of Planning and Census at the Ministry of Detainees and Liberated, 177 Palestinian detainees died in Israeli prisons since 1967, 69 of them died of torture. The data revealed that 37 detainees died of medical neglect, 70 died during interrogation and torture, 55 detainees died over the last four and a half years.
    Here are few examples of the Torture of Palestinian Prisoners.
    The last detainee who died in detention was Rasem Suleiman Ghneimat, from Kafer Malik near Ramallah, died January 27, 2005, after fire broke out in Majeddo detention, detention facilities lacks first aid materials or fire distinguishing tools.

    Other than that, Israeli prisons lack cleaning materials, and disinfectants, in addition to the bad ventilation and sewerage systems. They’re also filled with insects, bugs and cockroaches. The administration is neglecting the Palestinians’ demands of receiving cleaning materials in order to clean their rooms.
    The Palestinian Prisoners Society revealed that Israeli arrested in 2004, 63 females, from several Palestinian areas, among them wives of detainees and residents who were killed by the army. Also, soldiers arrested 14 girls under the age of 18; the youngest two female detainees are Hiba Yaghmour, 14, who was also shot and wounded when she was arrested on February, 26, 2005, and Ghada Saber Abu Hmeid, 14, from Hebron, who was arrested on September, 5, 2004.
    By the beginning of 2005, 129 female detainees were imprisoned in Israeli prisons and detention facilities, currently there are 120 female detainees, including 13 mothers, and 23 underage; 15 female detainees are sick and need medical attention AND ARE BEING ATTACKED REPEATEDLY BY ISRAELIS!
    Stop the Medical neglect, Stop the torture, and release the innocent Palestinians who have committed no crimes to be thrown in prison! Free the children and the under-aged!
    This is an appeal to the international community and the International Red Cross to interfere and impose pressures over the prison authorities to carry out the needed procedures to fight the disease and improve their living conditions and save 20 child detainees imprisoned and facing harsh living conditions and treatment.

  • Related: International Solidarity Day With Palestinian Prisoners, and International Day of Action at ICRC

  • Sources: IMEMC2
  • Friday, April 15, 2005

    Lesson Of The Day

    “Human relationships are much like a life-death-life cycle. A relationship is first born, at a certain point it takes another form, another shape, announcing the death of the previous phase and the birth of a new one. We shouldn’t waste our time regretting the old, we must adapt to the new one and learn how to enjoy each phase once we’re in it”Will Smith on Oprah’s Show-


    Draw A Smile With "Garbage"


    I’m one of the people who hate throwing away things that can still be used. I suck at selling them, although some are really in good shape and can get me good money. So I end up giving them to those who are in need. Which is, in my opinion, better than all the money in the world. Helping poor people with things you don’t need anymore brings such a joy and happiness that can’t be brought with money. It’s such a bless!

    But many people have difficulties finding people -whether poor or not- who might need their used stuff, and for this reason the Internet has provided a great way to get rid of old stuff in form of help for others.
    Instead of simply throwing away stuff you don’t need, you might change the world by giving your stuff to FreeCycle, as long as your stuff is legal and put there for free and not for financial interest.
    According to FreeCycle, sometimes people give away valuable things such as fridges and TV’s. And when there is more than one person who needs your stuff, it’s up to you to decide who should get it.

    I think this is really great, you get rid of stuff you don’t need, give it to someone who needs it, at the same time you help reduce waste, which is better for the environment, so everybody’s happy. It's just like you're giving them gifts, I really love the idea :)

    Via: Environment News(AR)

    1st Tunisian Blogger Meetup Set

    Yep, that’s true, the first Tunisian Blogger Meetup ever is finally set.
    • Time: Sunday, April 24th at 7PM.
    • Place: Biwa (Les Berges du Lac).

    For more details and to confirm you'll be attending, go to the Tunisian Blogger Meetup event page.

    Hope all Bloggers in Tunisia will be able to make it, and for those who are not in Tunisia, hard luck for us. Inshallah we'll meet in the coming meetups :)

    Can’t wait…

    Via: Subzero Blue

    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    In Love With Colours…

    The other day and while checking Serdal I found a great recommendation of his: COLOURlovers.
    COLOURlovers is run by a very creative person who is deeply in love with colours: Darius Monsef.

    This site is a must visit for any designer or anyone who loves colours and mixing them. It’s such a simple, plain and lovely colour inspiration where you can view, rate, and review colours and palettes.
    If you’re creative enough, talented in mixing and creating new colours, you can also name your colour and submit it for others to use, rate and admire.

    I really loved the idea and the colours, check it out :)

    New Look !

    As you can see some changes have been made to AquaCool.
    I’m more than happy with the result. The colours are classier, cooler and calmer. The whole new look is so much better.

    Of course, none of this could be possible without my one and only MMM.
    Thank you dearest, without you AquaCool wouldn’t have got its new look, in fact, without you, there would be no AquaCool in the first place.
    You were the one who encouraged me to create a blog, and for that and many other things, I’m truly thankful :)

    Blame It On People...Not Religion

    Loyal readers of my blog know very well that I do post general knowledge about Islam every now and then, to help clear the picture of Muslims that has become –thanks to the irresponsible media and racism in the world- a very blurred and ugly one.
    Apparently, a report published on al-Arabiya's website showing the statistics of a survey in Jordan on wife-beating took more attention than it should.
    The report(AR), via our friend Mariam, says that over 80% of Jordanian women support wife-beating!
    What do I think? I think it’s extreme BULLSHIT! If more than 80% of Jordanian women support it, why neither I nor any one of the people I know in school, university, work, through family, neighbours or elsewhere were suffering wife-beating! Or maybe I, and the ones I know, and my friends and the people they know, and their friends and the people they know in different neighbourhoods are all within the 20% who does not support wife-beating! Maybe, why not!

    Unlike what this report is trying to show, Jordanian women both Christians and Muslims enjoy a great deal of freedom, democracy and respect. There are different faces of family violence in Jordan and in the Arab world in general, just like there is family violence in Europe and the US.
    Anyway, I’m very proud to say that unlike many other countries Jordan has several campaigns to fight family violence, and provides shelters for women who are being subject to abuse or physical/sexual harassment.
    Of course family violence and wife-beating come for many reasons such as violent personalities, personal mentalities, some wrong habits inherited along with tradition, or the illiterate backward surroundings!
    What I found so typical is the unnecessary relating of this report to Islam! Jeff advised me to read some comments on this subject. Frankly, I wasn’t shocked of the amount of anti-Muslim comments posted. Anyway since this isn’t the first time –and probably not the last- that Islam and Muslims are being held responsible for everything, I would only like to say few things for those who are interested in knowing the right thing. If you’re not interested, this isn’t your place.

    Why do people, just LOVE attacking Islam. Did anyone force them to convert to Islam? Guys, if you think it’s a shitty religion, if you choose to follow the rumours of it being full of violence, discrimination, and terror, then you’re free, why waste your time and ours on your attacks! Can’t you simply live in peace and let us enjoy our lives?
    When it’s something pro-Islam, no one mentions it, when it’s against Islam, the whole world knows about it. When a Nobel Prize winner is Muslim, when a great scientist is Muslim, when a popular personality is Muslim, no one notes it. When there is a suspicion that a crime/terrorist attack was performed by a Muslim, it becomes an international scandal!
    Many people repeat: “in Islam women are inferior, they are nothing”, and start quoting things that don’t suit the situation, they take a verse, cut most of it, strip it out its context and voila: a creative sentence to be used against Muslims.
    But something like the prophets’ advice to men in handling women gently as if they were glass! NO ONE repeats it! Something like: Islam was the first religion to give women the right of divorce if they didn’t want to continue with their husbands! NO ONE talks about that.
    I hear no one talking about women’s position in Muslim history, when they went to fight with men, or when they were asked for their opinion in serious matters!

    The number of people who devote themselves to fight Islam just amazes me!! They spend money, effort and time just to try to prove it’s really bad! I don’t understand the magnet that attracts all kinds of people once I post something pro-Islam! I get bombarded with pointless questions and silly claims. Few are the ones who look for a fruitful discussion and ask to know not to fight!

    To all those who think Islam is the reason behind wife-beating, check out the statistics of surveys of women being hit constantly in France, wives beaten to death in USA! Or well, maybe Muslims there did all these things, right!
    It’s really pathetic that people who call for democracy are the only ones who practice racism.
    I said it once and will say it now and forever: Religion is peaceful by nature, and Islam is no exception. If you want to get this, it’s great. If not, it’s up to you, but before you accuse or condemn, refer to correct sources and know what you’re talking about before making a fool out of yourself.

    One last question, if you give a person a knife, what would that person do with it? (s)he’d either use it to cut things while cooking, or open tins, or simply keep it there for self-defence in case (s)he were attacked. OR, (s)he’d go threaten others, blackmail them, or even kill them!
    The knife is the same, but was used in different ways, and so is religion. Don’t put the blame on religion, nor its instructions, it’s the people and their misapplication that are to blame.
    And learn to respect each other’s religions, because, really, it’s a shame to waste each others time offending and attacking.

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    Q & A About Islam

    It’s already known that when thinking of Islam, the first things to come to many people’s minds are discrimination, violence and terror. And without digging deep in Islamic history or referring to correct and reliable interpretations and translations of Quran, they believe these claims and take them for granted. Not only this, but they go as far as creating an impression about Muslims they encounter based on their false information giving these Muslims no chance to prove them wrong.
    Of course Muslims, just like any other people belonging to any religion, or even non-believers, they have the good and the bad among them. They have the moderate and the extremists. Therefore Islam shouldn’t be judged by the way it’s applied –although that plays a very big role in creating its reputation- because the application is mostly affected by both the personal environment and mentality. This is no justification for the misapplication of Islam, in fact, I wish Muslims who are giving Islam a bad name would get back to their senses and read the Holy Quran again, so that they’d know they’re way off track and no where even close to being Muslims.

    Anyway, for the sake of the real Muslims who are treated as if they’ve committing a crime by being Muslims, and for all real Muslims who are suffering prejudgments and mistreatment for nothing wrong they did, I thought I’d share the following information I came across by My Divine Comedy, who found few questions posted by a Muslim and the answers to her questions provided by a Muslim preacher.

    Q.1. Why does Islam consider women inferior to men?
    A.1. Islam considers men and women equal. Anyone who thinks that Islam gives an inferior position to women does not know Islam. It is true that in some Muslim communities women are treated as if they were inferior, but this is due to local tradition, which may be inherited or imported from local or neighboring culture. Unfortunately people associate this with Islam, but Islam has nothing to do with it. Reflect, if you will, on the duties Islam requires of men and women. You will find these the same, and the reward promised for doing them is the same. If you have some employees and you assign the same duties to them but give them different salaries, then you do not treat them equally. Likewise, if you give them the same salaries but you assign lighter duties to some of them, then those with lighter duties are given a preferred status. This is not the Islamic way. Men and women are equal in the sight of God and they must be treated equally in Muslim society, and indeed within the same family.

    Q.2. Since we cannot do anything except by God’s will, why are we accountable when we commit sin?
    A.2. There are certain things that we do by nature, such as breathing, reaction to weather conditions and natural elements, etc. But God has given us free will and a good range of choice over other matters. He has also given us our minds to judge matters and choose what is right and proper. He did not leave us, however, to our own thinking so as to determine right from wrong. He sent us messengers who delivered His guidance, and He bestowed the Qur’an as a permanent guide for us. Thus, He has given us everything we need to know what is right and what is wrong. When we choose to do wrong and commit sin, it is only right that we should be held responsible for our deeds, which we have chosen. Still He forgives us whatever wrong we commit if we regret it, repent and resolve not to repeat it.

    Q.3. Is it really Islamic to kill unbelievers? Should not all people be allowed to practice what they believe in?
    A.3. Under Islam, all people are free to practice whatever beliefs they have. Islam does not allow Muslims to kill unbelievers who do not fight Islam. It is only when they launch an aggression against Islam or Muslims that we should fight them. When Muslims fight back, they are only repelling aggression. Still, when Muslims fight, they must abide by Islamic rules, never killing anyone who is not engaged in the fight against them. Thus, they must not kill or injure innocent people or passers by.

    Source: ArabNews

    Monday, April 11, 2005

    US To Block Brown’s Anti-Poverty Campaign

    US prepares to block Gordon Brown's year-long anti-poverty campaign and his plans for a sale of International Monetary Fund gold reserves to raise cash for debt relief.
    An IMF feasibility study, commissioned by G7 finance ministers, has given the thumbs-up to gold sales. But the US Treasury has been urged to oppose the idea by gold-mining firms who fear that a sell-off could depress global prices for the metal.
  • Source: Guardian
  • Friday, April 08, 2005

    Work Diaries (21): the accounting nightmare!

    My job as a manager’s assistant is not simply assisting my boss in certain work duties, no, being a manager’s assistant in this company means being the manager, project manager, sales supervisor, secretary, marketing personnel, receptionist, IT department, finance department, legal reference, and last but not least the accountant. In short I’m a whole company in one person. Actually, I don’t mind being all that… all but the accountant, that is.
    I remember in my job interview the boss asked me: can you resume “simple” accounting operations.I didn't know that by “simple” he meant all accounting operations from the simplest to the most complicated.
    Now I can proudly say that I’ve become a professional accountant. Yes, now I’m an expert in revenue, outcome, income, transfers, tax, penalty, expense reports, currency exchange, everything!
    But I guess teaching myself all this isn’t really remarkable effort to my boss, who believes all this should be known by default, even it’s obviously stated in my C.V. that I’m no accountant, and did nothing related to accounting in my whole career life.

    Anyway, around this time of the year, the mother company sends us an annual financial report, according to which the tax is calculated, so that we pay it to the local government. The annual financial report is based on the figures and support documents -yours truly- sends every month, which is APPROVED by my boss.
    3 weeks ago, we got this annual report. And instead of simply paying the tax, my boss insisted we double check on he mother company!
    Boss: Eman, the tax is so high, I want you to double-check.
    Eman: But they’re the ones who are going to pay, so it’s to their own interest to be accurate!
    Boss: Just double-check to make sure.

    After 2 days of double-checking it turns out that according to my calculations we should pay less. I submitted a detailed report, which my boss sent to the mother company.
    The mother company sent us back another detailed report that shows the difference, which was due to extra amounts I didn't calculate because they were submitted before I was employed.

    Eman: I guess everything’s clear now!
    Boss: No, I still want you to double- check their detailed report.
    Eman: But as you can see they provided detailed explanation with supporting documents.
    Boss: Just do me a favor and double-check, will you?
    Eman: OK (you stubborn bastard).
    After 4 hours of double-checking…
    Eman: Sir, figures are all correct.
    Boss: How? Explain to me!
    After 2 hours of explaining…
    Eman: Clear now?
    Boss: Yes. So please call the local accounting audit and tell him to come double-check on your double-checking, just to make sure.
    Eman: Do you really think there’s a need for all this?
    Boss: Certainly, better safe than sorry, call him right away, let’s get this done.
    Eman: Ok (you …$@**#&*+@)

    Local audit came next day, after explaining the whole report thing, he double-checked on the report that I have already double-checked.
    Audit: It’s all fine.
    Boss: Explain to me Eman.
    Eman: But I already explained.
    Boss: Never mind, explain again please.
    1 more hour of unnecessary explaining…
    Boss: Ok everything’s clear.

    Next day…
    I get a cc of an email from my boss to the mother company accountant:
    Dear(…), after Eman’s double-checking on your report, and the local Audit double-checking on Eman’s double-checked report, I would like you to double-check the audit’s double-checking on Eman’s double-checked report, just to avoid any mistakes.

    The accountant of the mother company replied, with cc to me:
    Dear(…), I don’t know why can’t you just take our calculations for granted. It’s my job, my responsibility to do this report with no further questioning, and it’s us who are going to pay the money, yet I answered all your questions and was ok with you double-checking on me. But that’s it, just go pay the tax in your country.

    2 days later…
    Boss: Eman, call the local audit. I want you both for an urgent meeting.
    Eman: Is everything ok?
    Boss: Nothing’s ok. I’m not paying that tax. Both of you are going to double-check in front of me again.
    Eman: But why?! We already double-checked and explained to you, and you were ok. Let’s not waste our time on the same old story PLEASE!
    (he calls the audit himself)

    After a very BORING, very STRESSING, very FULL of stupid questions meeting, my boss asked for detailed documents that explain and support every single item. It took us 4 more days to go over these and I was asked –AGAIN- to write a report that summarizes all documents, invoices, bank operations, amounts spent, amounts received, funds and everything related to accounting for the whole year of 2004.
    I was done yesterday, and the final result was exactly the same of the mother company’s.
    My boss took my detailed report with a very big smile on his face.
    Boss: Great job Eman. What could I do without such a reliable assistant.
    Eman: No problem, just let’s get this done with for good.
    Boss: Ah, same closing amounts, PERFECT!
    Eman: Yeah (FINALLY).
    Boss: Call the local audit for a final check up. So that I could send it to be approved by the mother company and pay the tax.
    Eman: What?!!! (you’re unbelievable)
    Boss: Just what you heard!
    Eman: (You’re sick)
    Boss: And make sure you answer all his questions.
    Eman: (You’re evil)
    Boss: And then we’ll call a meeting so that both of you would explain everything to me.
    Eman: (you’re such a pain in the a**) Um…you sure we should call the..
    Boss: It wont take a lot of time, I promise.
    Eman: But!
    Boss: And make sure you and the audit have same results!
    Eman: (I really hate you more than anything right now).

    Tax was paid, the nightmare was finally OVER!
    Boss: See things went smooth and easy!
    Eman: Maybe for you, but definitely not for me. I hate accounting.
    Boss: Really? Didn’t know that.
    Eman: Well, now you know.
    Boss: I’ll help you get over your hatred, prepare for a double-check on the reports of the last 4 months, I want a detailed analysis on my desk by Monday!

    Thursday, April 07, 2005

    Jede Mutter und jedes Kind zählt…


    “Make every mother and child count", lautet das englisch-sprachige Motto des Weltgesundheitstages 2005, "Jede Mutter und jedes Kind zählt".
    Mütter- und Kindersterblichkeit ist das zentrale Thema beim diesjährigen Internationalen Weltgesundheitstag.
    In vielen Entwicklungsländern ist Schwangerschaft und Geburt das erste Gesundheitsrisiko.
    Mehr als eine halbe Million Frauen sterben jährlich an den Folgen von Schwangerschaft und Entbindung. Elf Millionen Kinder sterben jährlich bevor sie das fünfte Lebensjahr erreichen!
    Eins der Millenniums-Ziele, die von 150 Staats- und Regierungschefs beim Millenniumsgipfel der Vereinten Nationen im September 2000 in New York unterschrieben wurden, ist die Mütter- und Kindersterblichkeitsrate bis 2015 auf ein Viertel zu senken, was Joy Phumaphi, stellvertretende Generaldirektorin der Weltgesundheitsorganisation für Familie und Gesundheit, für erreichbar hält.

    Natürlich sind Armut und Bildung Hauptfaktore bei den meisten Krankheiten und Todesursachen. Wenn diese zwei Faktoren bekämpft würden, können wir diese Zahlen vermeiden und viele Leben retten.
    "Ein gesundes Kind ist die Zukunft der Menschheit. Es entwickelt sich besser, ist lernfähiger in der Schule und kann sich zu einem produktiven Mitglied unserer Gesellschaft entwickeln. Ein gesundes Kind von heute ist morgen vielleicht Minister, Arzt, Ingenieur oder Menschenrechtler, der sich für eine sichere Zukunft einsetzt. Wenn wir heute Müttern und Kindern das Leben retten, so sichern wir damit auch unsere eigene Zukunft.", meinte Joy Phumaphi.

    Quelle: DW

    [photo by WHO, Liba Taylor]

    • English for the curious :)
      “Make every mother and child count" is the motto of the World Health Day 2005.
      For many developing countries, pregnancy and birth are still number 1 threat to the lives of both mothers and babies.
      Almost 11 million children under five years of age will die from causes that are largely preventable. More than half a million women will die in pregnancy, childbirth or soon after.
      And since poverty and illiteracy are among the main factors of these high death rates, the report says that reducing this toll in line with the Millennium Development Goals depends largely on every mother and every child having the right to access to health care from pregnancy through childbirth, the neonatal period and childhood.
      Check out the World Health report 2005 here.

    Tuesday, April 05, 2005

    Green Roofs


    With the rapid expanding of population, suburbs have become densely populated where all the available land has been used up for construction, which forced governments to build on fertile soil, losing this soil forever.
    The consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables is low since no garden space is left available, people have to buy products from the market, and most of the families have limited financial resources and unemployment is rising.
    The roofs of homes are used for storing trash and old stuff which creates a suitable environment for insects, rats and reptiles growth.
    How could this problem be solved? Answer is: Green Food from Green Roofs(GFGR).
    GFGR is an amazingly impressive project suggested in Egypt and is being discussed by Amr Khaled’s “Life-Makers” program, a program that aims at improving life through practicing real Islam in its moderate and tolerant sense.

    GFGR is specifically targeted at the poorer families living in the densely populated suburbs where it will not only facilitate the availability of fresh vegetables for home consumption but it will also create a source of income.


    The project will benefit from the empty spaces on the building and houses roofs and fill them with plants and trees, which will help fight pollution with minimum expenses, basic available material and without the need for extra space or soil. Other than that, it’ll add a beautiful touch to the sight and improve the outlook of the place and the whole city in general.
    Not to forget the fact that planting will provide a constructive way to fill a person’s free time and grow the sense of beautifying in the individual.


    If you have any questions, or seek professional assistance, instructions of any kind related to planting your roof, you can send an email to: gfgr[at]

    Also read this excellent article in Arabic about the project where you can find breathtaking pictures of planted roofs.

    I hope all Arab countries will apply this project to help reduce pollution, provide a living for poor families, beautify cities, increase productivities, and produce bio-vegetables and fruits.

    Via: Serdal(AR).

    Monday, April 04, 2005

    Tunisian Blogger Meetup

    Yep, a Tunisian Blogger Meetup will take place really soon.
    Well, I’m not a Tunisian Blogger, but I’m a blogger in Tunisia and married to a Tunisian Blogger, so sure I’ll be there and benefit from this chance to meet other Tunisian Bloggers.
    I met few already, and I’m looking forward to meet the rest.
    It’s a shame though that other great Tunisian Bloggers wont be there because they reside outside Tunisia, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to gather and meet.

    So after Subzero Blue sent all members of the Tunisian Blogger Meetup Group an email informing them of a coming meetup this month and asking for suggestions, he finally announced the initial time and places suggested for this month’s meetup based on the replies he got.

  • Time: 7:30PM on April 22nd.

  • Places suggested:
    - Downtown Tunis (e.g. L'Etoile du nord).
    - Les Berges du Lac (e.g. Biwa)
    - Sidi Bou Said (e.g. Sidi Chabaane Café)

  • As said, these are initial suggestions he got from the members. If anyone has other suggestions, please leave a comment to MMM HERE!

    Also please keep in mind that the meetup is to gather a big number of bloggers, and it’s impossible to find a timing that will suit all members, therefore try to be as objective as possible and consider it a priority for which you are willing to change other personal plans.
    MMM posted the suggestions now so that all members will have the time to prepare themselves and have their plans organized accordingly.

    Finally, I’m so excited and believe this meetup will be a great chance to get to know each other more :)

    Support Mohammad!


    Other than the radiation facility used to scan Palestinians at a check point in Rafah, there are other incursions the Palestinians in that area suffer from. Cancerous Radiations may be the least of their problem, a lot of them won't live long enough to see it's effects anyways...
    Rafah Today is run by Mohammad Omar, a photo journalist living in Rafah. His site includes photos and articles written about his hometown: the community, the demolitions, the children, the camps, and the everyday tragedies.

    He has taken some of the most stunning photos you have ever seen.
    What is amazing about them is that each photo has a story to tell. They are not taken by some random TIME magazine photographer looking for a hefty bonus, Mohammad has a personal connection with the people and their tragedies, he is a part of this community. He knows the stories of the people made homeless by the occupation. And all the homes that were demolished. Including his own!
    In fact, his story is entwined with his community's...

    "October 1st: Mohammed's younger brother Issam was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital about a week ago. His leg was amputated and he is undergoing medical treatment. And on October 18: Mohammad's younger brother, Hussam Al-Mouhagir [17 yrs old], was killed by the Israeli army today. Hussam was sitting at home when he was shot in the face, chest, back, legs. He had nothing to do with any violent or even political movement. Hussam's crime is that he was a Palestinian".

    Send Mohammad an email of support.


    Via: The Black Iris

    Mourning The Pope!

    My condolences to all Christians of the world for the loss of Pope John Paul II.

    I know what a great figure he was to Christians, and I know how great he was to us Muslims, visiting Arab countries and supporting peace in the region. His relationship with Muslims was a great and impressive one we all appreciate…

  • Related: Mourning John Paul II in the Muslim World.
  • Friday, April 01, 2005

    Work Diaries (20): Highlights from my weird work-sphere!

  • I Drive?

  • The other day my boss went on a 1day business trip. It was perfect, no one nagging at me, no one annoying me, it was simply beautiful.
    After work, I went home, prepared dinner, watched a bit TV then went to pick up my husband. While waiting for him, I was looking around at the beautiful sky, thinking of the peaceful day I had at the office, couldn’t be better!
    I decided to turn on the radio to listen to some music.. beautiful music! Great melodies, then suddenly an ugly voice interrupted: Eman! You drive? When did you get your license?
    I look to the source of that familiar voice… not a day can pass by without being blessed with his face!!! Yep, my one and only boss!!
    I stepped out of the car.
    Eman: I have my license ages ago, it’s just that I didn’t drive in Tunisia because I didn’t know the place very well, and needed some time to adapt. Been driving since months. Anyway, didn’t know you’d be here.
    Boss: Yeah, came to check my emails.
    Eman: great!
    (he started talking to me about work and what we’ll need to do tomorrow…)
    Eman: no worries, things will be fine.
    Boss: you drive?! I still can’t believe it!
    (I felt like a stupid little teenager who had her driving license 2 days ago)
    Eman: (smile)
    Boss: Ok. Till tomorrow then!
    Eman: Bye… See you tomorrow.

    Boss: (On his way to his car) Eman drives in Tunisia?! Can’t believe it.

    *Next Day In The Office:
    Boss: So how is driving.
    Eman: fine, fine, not that big deal really, I used to drive before as I told you before.

    Half an hour later I go to discuss a fax with him.
    After we’re done talking about the fax:
    Boss: be careful, they drive like crazy here…. And watch out for the traffic…and…and…
    Eman: thanks for the advice.

    *The Day After:
    Eman: Boss, I need your authorization for this shipment, sign here please.
    Boss: ok. (he signs).
    Eman: Thanks.
    (before I go out of his office)
    Boss: so how is driving in the crazy streets out there?
    Eman: (smile)

    *And up till this moment:
    He keeps asking and every time he asks I feel like I’ll smash my skull against the wall! How can I get him to forget the minute he saw me behind the wheel!!!

  • Password Mania

  • At work we need to change the password of our pc’s every 35 days. Every new password you create should be different than the last 15 ones you had.
    Of course, the longer you stay, the harder it is for you to find new passwords, unless you’re the creative type… which obviously I’m not!
    And to make sure you DON’T forget to change your password, there is this “password alert” system that keeps annoying the hell out of you till you finally give up –or have no choice- and change your password.
    The alert starts its countdown 12 days before the expiry date: “your password expires in 12 days, would you like to change it now?” I always click: NO, because I want to keep the old one for as long as possible and try avoid squeezing my brains out to pick a new one. So the misery continues: “your password expires in 11 days, would you like to change it now?”… NO…. 10 days, NO, 9 days, NO, 8 days, NO, 7 days, NO,NO. NOOOOOOO… until the final alert pops up: “your password has already expired, please change your password NOW!”
    Last month I ran completely out of words, so I ended up with the stupidest password ever: “enoughwiththepasswordsalready”

  • The Business Card

  • The other day I had an appointment with the manager of a company we started dealing with currently. As usual, I was there 15 minutes earlier. I met the secretary and gave her my personal info.
    Eman: I’m Eman, from …. I have an appointment with Mr…. here’s my business card.
    Secretary: (she looks at the business card) what did you say your name was?
    Eman: it’s Eman. You have it on my business card.
    Secretary: Ah, I see. Ok take a seat please Ms.Mouna.
    Eman: sorry, it’s Eman not Mouna, and I’m married by the way.
    Secretary: sorry, ok, you’ll need to wait a bit, he’s still in a meeting.
    Eman: no problem.

    The secretary gives her boss a ring:
    Secretary: there’s a Mrs.Emna, waiting for you, she says she has an appointment.
    (She hangs up and looks at me): ok, just 5 minutes.
    Eman: Ok, but I guess you didn’t get my name right, it’s Eman, not Emna.
    Secretary: ah, ok.
    She writes something and then asks: so Mrs. Amina, where is your company located?
    Eman: it’s in…. and well, you seem to have a difficulty with my name although it’s a very popular name: EMAN!

    5 minutes later:
    Secretary: Mrs. Amani, sorry I mean Emani, you can get in now.
    (I really couldn’t control my temper)
    Eman: what’s your problem? I told you more than once that my name is EMAN, simple and clear: E, M, A, N! And I gave you my business card, isn’t that why business cards are created? Why can’t you simply call me by my name?!!

    I get in to meet the manager, I say hi and introduce myself and then give him my business card. He says: So Mrs. Emaneme, give me your company offer. And what a lovely name! What does it mean? Emaneme?!!

    Honestly, shouldn’t I shoot myself this time?!

    On April Fool's Day!

    Thanks to Haitham, I still can’t stop laughing.
    He wrote about MSN celebrating April Fool’s Day by introducing Spoof : a tool to let you create funny search results about a friend, family member, or co-worker. When you’re done, you can send the page to the target or anyone else you think might get a laugh out of it.

    My Spoof Results :D

    Hilarious! Check it out guys, you'll love it!

    Hey Sexy “Baby”… Literally!

    A Swedish bikini-style top for toddlers will be withdrawn from sale amid criticism from a Norwegian cabinet minister that bra-like clothing was inappropriate for small girls.
    "It is remarkably daft to make bra-like bikinis for one-year-olds," Norwegian Minister of Children and Family Affairs Laila Daavoey was quoted as telling the Norwegian daily Verdens Gang Thursday.
    "This is a terrible commercialization of childhood. Children are not women. Bikinis on small children are a way of linking children to sexuality. We must say 'No' to this," she said.
    Earlier this month, Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik criticized Swedish furniture maker IKEA for showing few women assembling flat-packed goods in cartoon instruction leaflets. IKEA agreed to depict more women.
    Source: Reuters

    I congratulate Norway for this constructive criticism. Enough that women have turned into sex objects whether as inspiration for fashion lines or in promoting even the stupidest and cheapest products, no need to involve innocent children in that.
    Actually I even hate it when parents make their children wear adult-like clothes even when it's not sex-related. Let the children live their innocence in a healthy way, away from the madness of our time!

    And since I’m on it, I really hope advertising people will reconsider their methods and marketing lines that seem to be sex-crazed and insist on showing both men and women as nothing but sexual attractions!