Friday, March 25, 2005

Uffff…More Attacks!

I just came across Rafah Pundit’s post: Blogversation, which mentioned the post: Zippy and the very odd day. Being the curious person I am, I simply went to read that post. I wish I never did. It turned out another post with misconceptions and fake facts, obviously from a not very well-informed background about neither Palestinians nor Muslims.
With all my respect to Anne, who wrote the post, but I believe one should at least search the right sources and be fair enough in order to write such an offensive post.
It’s not only because I highly admire and respect Rafah Pundits, it’s because I’ve always believed writing is responsibility, it affects millions, and therefore one should never spread lies, market false ideas and mislead people who read what one is writing just to serve personal interest.

I always say everyone is free to believe what they want to believe, and like or dislike whatever they choose, but only when they tend to keep it personal and not start an attack that will harm other people whoever they were. I wont go on replying to every lie I unfortunately found in that post insulting every Palestinian, and blaming every Muslim since the time of prophet Mohamed (pbuh), I’ll cut it short and summarize what I want to say in 2 points:

1. A Muslim is not considered a Muslim if (s)he does not believe in Christianity or Judaism, if (s)he does not respect them, be good to them and believe that Islam is just a continuation of these 2 religions, and therefore a relationship of respect and friendship should be between people belonging to any religion. The prophet did not kill Jews or Christians or non-believers unless they were attacking. Islam is based on the fact that it should be spread but no one should join Islam or believe in it by force. Everyone is free to believe what they want as long as they are leaving Muslims in peace. Whoever acts differently threatening the lives of Muslims or non-Muslims, is not a Muslim by all means!
2. Allow me to use your own phrasing Anne to explain this point: [It's the common (and getting old) routine of "they're not all bad" and "it's just a few extremists." I have encountered this notion time and time again, and all I can think is that it didn't take all the Germans, or even all the Nazis, to kill two out of every three Jews in Europe”] why don’t you think the same way when it comes to Palestinians? It takes only few Israelis to erase Palestinians from the face of this Earth, did Palestinians hate all Jews? Did they reject peace-gestures from Israeli peace-activists? Palestinians who -unlike you- believe in the suffering of Jews throughout the history, ask for nothing but having their own land, the Holy Land in which Muslims, Christians and Jews should live peacefully, it doesn’t have to be taken from them by force and called a different name and be restricted to Israelis! It’s the HOLY LAND!!!!! They want nothing but to be fair to them and let them live in peace. I really don’t know where you got these “Palestinians shoot Israeli kids in their sleep” and all that stuff, but take my advice, refer to reliable sources of information next time you write.

I know that no matter what I say here whoever wants to hate Palestinians and Muslims will do even if they saw facts contradicting their wrong ideas. I just thought I’d clear up the above points for those who are willing to know and who are willing to be neutral and unbiased.