Monday, March 28, 2005

The Tennis Dance ;)

The weather is perfect, sunny, slight cool breeze, calm… simply beautiful. Loads of work to do, got used to that, so there’s actually no problem. The only thing annoying me is the pain I feel in my legs, wrest and arm.

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to put an end to our lazy lifestyle, which –thanks to him and the weird weather- we’ve been sticking to for a long long time :D So we decided to go out for a friendly tennis match. Taken by the beauty of the place and the adorable weather, we forgot all about our lazy muscles that should be warmed up gradually, and started our match right away. Our match, which –at times- couldn’t have been more aggressive, lol!
MMM was hitting as strong and fast as possible, throwing the ball high up in the sky making me suffer to catch it! But the revengeful me did all the unprofessional, so unfriendly, so bad-mannered-tennis-player tactics hitting the ball in the opposite corners of where MMM is standing making him run across the whole court :P soon enough he started using the same tactic, then we got back to our peaceful selves, playing a decent game.
A short while later, I got in this hysterical state, laughing my head off every time one of us misses the ball. Later on, I got this really stupid reaction: fear! So instead of hitting back the ball, I either ran away from it, or twisted around it, or –when the ball is high- I’d lean back to escape it… and believe me there were times when I looked as if I were ballet-dancing rather than playing… ah I was terrible.
In the final stage, I got really really hungry, started picturing French fries, and fatty food, cold coke…etc. Then I was too tired to chase the ball or gather the ones spread all over the place. And before we knew it, our time was over, we went home fresh, happy, active, and things were great.
Today I’m in pain and feel lazier than ever :P

But who cares, it was real fun :)