Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Remembr Rachel Corrie

Just like today, March 16th, 2003, the 23 year old American Pro-Palestinian Activist Rachel Corrie was brutally killed by two Israeli soldiers while trying to block an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) bulldozer from demolishing a Palestinian house.


I guess from a quick look at the pics, one can easily know that when IDF claim they didn’t see Rachel, it’s nothing but a big fat lie. She was there, in front of them, wearing a very bright orange jacket, SHOUTING OUT LOUD with a loudspeaker to identify herself as a peace activist, so even if none of the two heartless soldiers saw her, they could’ve at least heard her or at least saw the other 4 activists around her.

Now the family of Rachel is suing the State of Israel and the IDF for damages in the Haifa District Court.

All I can say is, may God be with her family, and the families of all who lose their bright innocent children who wanted nothing but justice…

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