Thursday, March 10, 2005

On Child Safety Program

I’ve always believed that the well-being of the individual reflects on the society as a whole, and a huge part of the well-being of an individual consists of having a balanced, safe and happy childhood. And to achieve this, children must be protected from any kind of abuse and should get the right kind of awareness to inform them of their rights, the negative actions they should report, and most important of all, whom to turn to in case of being victims of physical or sexual abuse.
As Arabs, we know the importance of the well-being of children, but in our countries we lack the supporting programs to spread awareness that help improve the parental behavior and guide children to the helping hand, most important of all, we lack shelters for abused children.
Fortunately things are always improving, as the number of Arab countries that are implementing children safety programs is on the rise. Jordan took the initiative and led the Child Safety Program in the Arab World, providing the first children shelter ever, and launching awareness campaigns. One of the extremely successful campaigns is: *Ajyaluna Campaign (*Arabic for “Our Generations”)


Ajyaluna is a one year National Awareness Campaign on Child Safety, and is one of the great programs of Jordan River Foundation that aim at improving society, aiding families and protecting both women and children.
Ajyaluna was launched on June 6, 2004, and is being implemented throughout 2004-2005. It tackles child safety issues by promoting dialogue, awareness and understanding through an educational media campaign that will target all levels of the Jordanian society.

Ajyaluna serves as a major channel of communication and information through Jordan River Foundation’s TV commercials (Our Wealth), radio announcements, press advertisements, billboards, awareness lectures and workshops, and television program:Beit Sgheer (Small Home), which highlights positive parenting education, founded in the principles of child development.
It also created Awareness Caravan that will reach most rural area throughout the Kingdom.

I must say that this Child Safety Program and this Ajyaluna campain are very important and really impressive. They deserve our appreciation and support in every possible way. They might sound easy, but there are many difficulties and obstacles that the Jordan River Foundation faces to implement and carry on these programs. One of the huge problems is the financial funding. So, if you care and wish this program succeeds and becomes and idol to other Arab countries to follow, please don’t spare any effort whatsoever in showing your support. You can donate, become a member, or buy one of the lovely and really useful products of the foundation.
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  • P.s. The Jordan River Foundation Website has an Arabic Version available.